Twitter on Fire as Nigerians React to Adeboye’s Advice Not to Marry a Woman Who Can’t Pray for 1 Hour

It is real fire on Twitter as Nigerians react to the latest advice by Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the RCCG telling men not to marry a woman who can’t pray for 1 hour.






Nigerians are not smiling after the Redeemed Christian Church of God General Overseer, Enoch Adeboye advised men not to marry a woman who cannot pray for 1 hour and cannot cook.

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  1. The youths of this generation though lipsrsealed Very soon, the women who are saying they are wives and not cook, will also say that they her wives, and not breeders.. In marriage there are functions expected from both parties. For the woman, one of the core functions is to cook for her family. She can of course be assisted by the husband. For the man too, one of his core functions is to provide the money, and of course as well, he can be assisted by the woman too.

  2. I see a lot of truth in what he said though. Those who disagree are just being controversial and looking for trouble where there is none.

  3. I see no reason why people should counteract what he said,and especially guys,can u marry a girl who’s opposite of what he said? That goes for the ladies too,stay there and don’t have good qualities na,after you go say na devil hold you from marriage. A word is enough for the wise.

  4. Too much wealth make people lose ideas many a time
    Adeboye has no right to impose his own ways on others
    It’s the sole right of the man to decide who to marry,prayer or no prayer
    Besides,I keep on wondering why the plethora of prayers in the developing world,like Nigeria,have not yet provided the much needed constant electricity supply and other markers of modern day development
    When shall several Africans get realistic and stop decieving themselves

    • Abeg how is he enforcing it? Did he drag u by d neck or use police arrest u? People just open mouth and ansa to everything. If u dont want d advice leave it! Na by force? And pls suit yurself, marry one wu cant cook or pray. Afterall, u cant b arrested

    • Adeboye is not imposing his idea on anybody but advising you and I, it’s up to you to listen and adhere to his advice or not, after all Adeboye is talking from experience, he has actually been married for more than 30years ( he is good teacher in that field)
      Regarding the development, the main reason why African’s are backward is that we cannot stand up for our rights, as we worship people we are suppose to chase out of office and kill, for example how do we justify a poor man who was elected governor and within one year has started building five, six houses within a short time, needless to tell you where he got the money from, instead of citizen to hold him accountable, they will be worshipping and encourage him to steal more. with this there cannot be development in Africa

  5. The message is not for everyone
    You’re free to marry a lady that cannot cook or pray
    You’re free to marry a man without a job or ambition
    When the bubble burst, you will be the loser alone
    But if you want peace in your marriage, with love, the man must have a legitimate job and the woman must be able to cook and pray

  6. @Sunny, I am sure you don’t belong to his fold, he is talking to those who believe in him for guidance. If the advice comes from your parent to you, what will be your reaction? Couple with the fact that it was an advice, you are free to take it or not
    Ask all the celebrities why they are changing spouses like diaper

    • Thanks for your advice
      I really appreciate your politeness and sense of decorum
      However my take in this is that it takes much more for a marriage to last than cooking and prayers
      I am sure you are very much aware that the marriages of even some pastors have in the past broken down,while some are just being parched up
      The main driving force of a successful marriage is the ability of the couple to work together as one to reduce their shortcomings to the bearest minimum,as no one can be perfect
      To be prepared to learn from one another and to effect positive changes across the board
      To be ready to play the fool at times and work hard to keep away the monster of pride in their marriage
      Love one another,accomadate and respect one another
      To always accept their mistakes and to honestly say sorry when wrong etc
      I have been married for 31 years now and i should know what I am talking about
      Foolish pride with the refusal of one or both parties to accept obvious mistakes and to change is the worst thing that can happen to any marriage

  7. If I am not mistaking, Pastor E. A. Adeboye was talking to his children and as a father he has every right to say what he said to them. Don’t forget he didn’t say it at Aso Rock or on NTA, Radio Nigeria, National Stadium, or the Eagle Square or sent a bill to the National Assembly . He was addressing members of his congregation at the church camp ground, so why are some people taking panadol for other people’s headache. If u so desire, go and marry a lady who can’t even brush her teeth by herself, it’s your own cup of tea. But the fact that you don’t agree with something doesn’t make it wrong. Leave Pastor Adeboye alone with his children, go and advise your own children the way you feel it is proper.


  9. It’s so clear from certain comments that reverence due God is given to ‘Papa’ who a lot of people are unknowingly turning to their god. He is a church founder like all other church owners. This goes for other founders too. True Christianity is being a true follower of Christ. We should all examine where our loyalty and allegiance should be; the most high God and His son Christ or some human church founders? The hypocrisy in religion and people is just too much.

  10. To avoid in-flight in the marriage,the advice from Pastor Adeboye is crucial to good home.Is a lesson for parents who turn their daughters to idols in the house while maids do everything.When they get married,they buy flour food for their husbands.Prayer is our divine weapon to connect to The Almighty.Battles in marriage require the fortification against the whiles of the devil.Do not criticize the man of God.His advice is practical and real.

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