New Boko Haram learder issues new orders: Kill christains, stop bombing mosques

Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the new leader of the Islamic extremist sect, Boko Haram is threatening to bomb churches and kill Christians while ending attacks on mosques and markets used by ordinary Muslims.


Japan Times reports that Al-Barnawi on Wednesday published an interview where he allege that there is a Western plot to Christianize the region and has accused charities of using their aid for that.

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“They strongly seek to Christianize the society. … They exploit the condition of those who are displaced under the raging war, providing them with food and shelter and then Christianizing their children,” SITE Intelligence quotes the new leader as saying.

Al-Barnawi says the militants will respond to that threat by “booby-trapping and blowing up every church that we are able to reach, and killing all of those (Christians) who we find from the citizens of the cross.”

In the interview, al-Barnawi said that under his leadership the militants will work to seize back territory. He said that increasing numbers of youth are joining the cause.



  1. Evil generation from the hell…there you will surely return. Greater is He that lives in us than Devil, your father and master, who lives in the world. You will surely be leveled down by fire of the Holy Ghost. Our weapon of war is not and will never be carnal but mighty through the Lord Jesus Christ, the Man of Cross, and all your strongholds and weapons will surely turn against you and fail you brutally..halleluyah for we are always winners in Christ. Amen.

  2. Today mark the beginning of the end of your mission here on earth in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ except you repent before the beginning of your end. Except also your master the devil created anything however infinitesimal failure is yours and your cohorts.

  3. I surely know that your father is roasting like chicken in hell. You will soon follow that path. Folk u……..

  4. We go know who go die first!! This guy just confessed what will happen to him. This go know that our God is a God that answerth by fire! From this day onward, fire go beginning to burn this idiot until he confess that Jesus is Lord.

  5. If Pharaoh did not succeed on the children of Israel, and death and grave could not prevail over Pur Jesus Christ, what is Boko- Haram to the agenda of God over his people. God will frustrate their plans over the Christians.

    God will arise and help his people. the end time revival is starting here in Nigeria no wonder the power of hell is raging everyday but the victory is ours and the shame is for the devil and his servants.

  6. We are more than conqueror through Christ who love us. The battle is Lord and victory is Ours in Jesus name

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