FG Does Not Give Waiver to Hajj Pilgrims over foreign exchange — NAHCON debunks

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) says the Federal Government has not given foreign exchange waiver to Nigerian pilgrims performing hajj this year.

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The commission’s Head of Media, Alhaji Uba Mana, made the clarification in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday. “The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria wishes to draw the attention of the public that the Federal Government has not given foreign exchange waiver to Nigerian pilgrims performing this year’s hajj.

“If there is one thing that the Government did for the Nigerian pilgrims, it was to allow the exchange rate prevalent at the time of payment of Hajj fare in February when the current flexible exchange rate was not in action to subsist.

“It is therefore wrong and mischievous for some persons or media organisations to peddle unfounded claims that the Federal Government gave the Nigerian pilgrims a waiver,’’ he said in the statement.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that the Presidency had earlier clarified the concessions of foreign exchange rate of N191 to one dollar for the 2016 intending pilgrims to Hajj and Jerusalem.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President, Media and Publicity Garba Shehu said the policy was non-discriminatory.

He said that it had been approved before the current foreign exchange regime came into effect.

He also said that that the Central Bank of Nigeria had confirmed the approval, wondering why the apex bank had not notified the public before earlier.(NAN)



  1. It’s really hard to know what news to believe anymore!
    However, it’s profoundly relieving to hear this side of the issue.

  2. Story for the gods! Did the pilgrims pay for the PTA in February? If no, then the pilgrims media commission head is a fool for thinking that Nigerians are mumu like him.

  3. If you apply for BTA last year and you are buying now do you use last year exchange rate? Normal thing is to buy at prevailing rate simple and clear .

  4. What is prevalent? It is at the point/time at which the foreign current is allocated/paid for. It is never a previous date. Even where, the customer has applied/deposited funds, only at the rate prevailing at time of allocation. If higher, the customer have to paid the difference or his account debited, and if lower, the excess refunded or credited to the customer’s account.

    No Manufacturer or Trader will be allowed the Foreign Exchange at the Rate at which the company applied and paid, but at point of actual allocation of the foreign Money from the bank. That is the process.

    Did the Pilgrims paid and received their Dollars at February? Even if, all Pilgrims have deposited the money required for the Pilgrimage to the Board, as far as the Dollars have not been secured, they have to pay the difference. Anything short of that, the Federal Government is using scarce resources of Nigeria to sponsor a private activity that contributes nothing to the well being of the people. It is their business and not to use N303.oo per Dollar of our money for Muslims, who may be radicalized like our Boko Haram brothers in the North East.
    THIS IS NEPOTISM AND CORRUPTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER IN FAVOUR OF HIS ISLAMIC BROTHERS. NO KOBO OF NIGERIA MONEY SHOULD BE SPENT FOR PRIVATE PEOPLE BUSINESS, BE IT CHRISTIANS OR MUSLIMS OR JUJU WORSHIPERS. For all Religious group members who have been in power in this country have proved themselves or reflected the principles they profess to practice. For all have proved corrupt and have stolen our money. And non of their Religious groups have come up to disown them or expelled them for the wrong done to the Nation.

  5. We are so sentimental in this country and even lack information before we comment. These Muslim Pilgrim usually paid in full ahead before departing the country, the Financial Institutions would even have used their money and profited from it before now when they are actually issuing.

    And the good thing is the subsisting rate granted then was not only to Muslims but Christian Pilgrims to Jerusalem too, we choose to be “blind” to the truth and only “hear” and “see” what we chose to see in this country.

    Until we begin to see fact as facts and keep an open mind, we won’t move forward in this country!

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