Buhari’s wife did not travel to US, her pictures were photoshopped, says PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party has disputed the recent journey said to have been made by Hajia Aisha, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, to the United States of America.


Rather, the party in Ekiti State insinuated that Hajia Buhari only travelled to Qatar and had the photographs of the journey made up by photoshop.

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The PDP said the comment of the Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressives Congress on the visit was a function of total ignorance and mischief.

The party said: “Even the Presidency has not told anyone that wife of the President travelled to the USA and in official communications, only ignorant and mischief makers in the APC will belief that a trip to the USA will be made by Mrs Buhari and Nigerians will only get to know about it through online media.”

The PDP, which said it would have ignored the APC and allowed those in the party to continue to wallop in their self-deceit, added: “It is only in the world of the APC that wife of the President of Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world would travel to the USA, ostensibly to debunk her involvement in a major scam and no television station will report her departure and arrival. The question is, did she travel to USA or Qatar?”

The somewhat badly written statement, which was signed by the State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Jackson Adebayo, said further: “If the Presidency has not been bold enough to tell Nigerians that Mrs Aisha Buhari travelled to the USA on official visit, only a party of scammers like the APC will go on the rooftops to celebrate photoshoped pictures as evidence of visit to USA.

“It is strange that wife of the President of Nigeria could travel to the USA and purportedly attended events there without international television stations like CNN, Al jazeera, BBC, Sky News etc and local stations like Channels TV, NTA, AIT and others reporting it. Or are they still ‘editing’ the video clips?”

While casting doubt at the purported trip, the PDP said: “Even if Mrs Aisha Buhari actually travelled to the USA, does that erase the fact that in the judgment delivered by the United State District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, USA, in criminal No 1: 07CR209, that indicted the USA Congressman, Williams Jefferson, it was mentioned that $170,000 was transferred from account in Nigeria in the name of Aisha Buhari to an account in the name of The ANJ Group, LLC, identifying William Jefferson as beneficiary?

“As a party of responsible and discerning minds, the PDP in Ekiti State would have elected to ignore the APC and allow the party the freedom to advertise it idiocy. This is more so that the matter is now a subject of litigation and the no one has denied the existence of the judgment that indicted Williams Jefferson and featured conspicuously at page 22, the name of Aisha Buhari as having transferred $170,000 from account in Nigeria to William Jefferson.

“Most importantly, Nigerians have witnessed more heinous forgeries from the APC, one of them being pictorial claim that President Buhari (as APC presidential candidate then) had an interview with Kemi Fadojutimi on ‘All Eyes on Africa’ TV show in London, whereas the interview was held in Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

“However, it is important to point out that from all evidences, the pictures circulated as arrival of President Buhari’s wife at Dulles International Airport, Washington DC could have been taken at the Doha International Airport, Qatar. Even on the official website of George Mason University and US Institute of Peace, USA where the president’s was said to have attended events, there is nothing to show that she attended any event in the two institutions.

“We have seen pictures of Wife of the Senate President, Toyin Saraki with President Barrack Obama’s wife, Michelle. We also saw pictures of Mrs Patience Jonathan with Michelle Obama when she visited the USA. Where are Aisha Buhari’s pictures with the First Lady of USA and major government officials from the country? Or could she have arrived and departed from the USA like a spirit?

“It is even more important that nothing official has been said about the purported trip. Not from the President’s spokespersons.”



    • This PDP guys must be crazy. How can they open their mouth and say this type of nonsense. They need to go and bury their heads alive for turning Nigeria to what it is today. For 16years, they have no tangible development in Nigeria expect corruption and election rigging

  1. our president Buhari and the entire family are playing politic on all Nigerian all the evidence are there no two ways about it,see you Aisha or whatever u callurself go and deceive people like u not us,we are more intelligent Andy wiser than all u are cooking up all this while,upon all the hardship in the nation ,who gave u such money to buy such expensive bag from where u got the money ,?country money ?while hunger is killing the citizens,so that bag is more important that saving the life of innocent citizens in the country,how come u people can’t know that our nation is in a mess financially for u to weast such money just for hand bag,,anyway God is not sleeping we shall ur result when the time come,.

  2. This was exactly how u people started d lies and propaganda abt d economy until we are where we are now,u ve started again.are u people not tired of self deceit? Who exactly do u think will believe sincerely I thought u will jst fade off after all ur misleading noise. Am seriously ashamed of u man Fayose a disgrace to this generation. A lieing Governor. Anyway u are a contractor cos d position was bought for u so as to acomplish the already on going business of milking ekiti people of their infrastructural development which u successfully replaced wit stomach type, I pity u and ur followers.

  3. What is that you have done to the interests of the nation for u Aisha to buy a bag of more than 38 million, can someone see how this people are weasting money,country money while thre is no good road no running water in the nation call the giant of Africa ,ok if only bag is 38 million and more how much will b shoe,cloth, e.t.c, ,can someone see where our suffering in Nigeria is coming from,this government are destroying our destiny ,using us to enjoy there life as they want while we keep suffering ,imergine only bag such amount,this kind of people will like to save all our money to there private account its high time EFCC need to do a genuine work and call a spade a spade,.

  4. @ Lawrence, pls go to Chad or Niger,or Rep of Benin, you don’t need a Visa to enter these countries. We don’t want pple like you in Nigeria who believes that Stealing is not Corruption like ur Master, GEJ. Between Patience Jonathan and Aisha Buhari, who wasted or squandered Naija money?? How would u say Aisha bought a 38 million naira worth of handbag. This is just a propaganda. Your type didn’t see any big deal on the revelations of mass looting of our treasury by Jonathan’s administration.

  5. This presidents wife is more cordinated and respectful by my observation I also remembered her saying her trip was a personal and self financed trip through some N.G.Os so let’s leave her person and concentrate on issuse that has to do with nation building and be objective in our contributions.and not display insolencies.The meat of the matter is Nigeria is the only country I belong even though I have residency in another country but it was still stated in the document that I came from Nigeria to come and live there.let’s join hands and build our nation and not pull it down by our action,inaction and utterances .watch it

  6. PDP is now an opposition party and should do it constructively most importantly put all the aggrieved parties together rebrand or re parkage with new ideas not the former waybof running things and come back.it also shows that PDP didn’t prepare for the rainny day

  7. Photoshop or no Photoshop na una sabi, when una they there wetin una do. make una sit down jeje ti una time go come again if it will ever….. Bi owo omode ko ba te ijadu, ani ko si ohun ti anje ti kitan, bose wa ni yen. Orun ko segun lakaba e lo cool temper! Egba fun Eledumare, Oga Ogo.

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