Meet Ifedioramma D.C, the Best Traffic Warden in Anambra (Photos+Video)

A traffic warden by name Ifedioramma D.C has gained the praise from Nigerians after being captured dancing with passion and happiness as he controlled traffic in Anambra state.


An Anambra Traffic Management Agency (ATMA) warden named, Ifedioramma D.C, who was spotted dancing with passion and happiness as he controlled traffic at the popular Arroma junction in the state, has been applauded for his selfless service and dedication.

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According to reports, he has been doing this everyday for a long time now. He is usually spotted at the early hours around 8:00am, in the afternoon and evening time whenever there was traffic as he was the only one that can man that junction and help reduce the traffic.

Though many says Mr ifedioramma deserves award for dedication, but in a recent interview with him, he revealed that he loves what he does and do it regardless of being recognized or not.

He was reported to have said “I love my work and what spurred me to work was compassion for the road users at the Arroma junction which was known for lots of traffic jams.”



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