22-year-old boy jailed for stealing groundnut oil

An Egor Magistrate Court in Edo State has handed a two-year jail term to a 22-year old man, Evans Ewansesehia for stealing three gallons of groundnut oil.


Police prosecutor, Sergeant Sunday Lucky, told the court that the convict committed the offence on November 17, 2015 at Idemudia Street, off Lagos Street in Egor local government of the state.

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Sergeant Lucky said Evans stole the three gallons of groundnut oil valued at N12, 800 belonging to Mrs. Joy Adiodun

According to him, the convict also stole N12, 000 belonging to one Mrs. Victoria Imayehor on December 2, 2015 at Uwasota road.

Presiding magistrate of Egor Magistrate Court, Mrs Esohen Ighodan found Evans guilty of the charges of stealing and escape from lawful custody preferred against him.

She, however, gave an option N30, 000 fine on each of the two count charges.



  1. Its gross, that he got a jail term for stealing a paltry sum of money and some gallons of oil. I guess this is one hungry young man. Its the same country where people steal billions of naira of public money and they go scot free. Where is the justice? I feel repulsed each time i read this kind of articles.

  2. We should not be sentimental about this. Stealing is stealing whether small or big. If he has stolen and was proven guilty and that is the punishment, so be it. With regard to those who have stolen and are still stealing the billions of Naira of public funds, we pray that they will be prosecuted and justice will be meted out accordingly. I hope theirs will be the death sentence.

  3. Yes. Steaking is stealing nd should not be encouraged especially at such tender age. Dis has nothing to do with poverty pls. If someone steals a bottle of oil, well, he is probably hungry but what wl an hungry person do wt 3 gallons of oil. D judge is also a good one cos there was an option of fine to avert going to jail. Lets not put sentiments in issues like dis. Punishments seves two purpose, to correct and to serve as detterent to other. If dis should be allowed to go, i can you, ohers will follow suit. Lets join hands together to say NO to vices. Majority of dos dat milked d country dry started dis way nd it ate deep into them cos they were not quickly corrected. Lets go back to d good old days wen you leave valuables outside for long nd nobody dares touch it.

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