We never knew Nigeria’s economy was this bad during 2015 presidential campaign – APC

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Oyegun, on Friday decried the dwindling economy of the country, stressing that the ruling party never knew it was this bad during its Presidential campaign in 2015.



Oyegun said this during his 77th birthday party celebration held for him by staff of the APC national secretariat in Abuja.

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The party’s national Chairma, however, stressed that God blessed Nigeria with President Muhammadu Buhari, who is ready to take the challenge of fixing the country’s bad economy.

According to Oyegun, “It has been tough times for the nation. When we were campaigning and it is necessary to continue to hammer on this part, we were not in government.

“We knew things were very bad, but we did not know they were as bad as we eventually found them and the revelations that come out everyday continue to buttress that fact.”

Oyegun also noted that the collapse of crude oil price in the global scene has resulted in the inability of states in the country to pay salaries.

“Nobody ever expected the price of crude to collapse in the way it has done and one can only repeat what Mr. President said a few days ago.

“That is for being a nation that had an excess crude account, today because of the collapse of the price of crude, a lot of states of this country do not have enough resources to meet their basic functions, responsibilities,” Oyegun added.

The country’s economy has continued to dwindle since the inception of the current APC-led Federal Government, a situation that has draw so much criticism from Nigerians.

The President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has continued to accuse the immediate past administration of been responsible for the bad economy.



  1. Blah blah blah, always dirty excuses, just accept it that you guys don’t have a clue on how to govern a nation, especially with fulani illiterate in control, people that should be in the bush with their cows!!

  2. You are bunch of fools, instead of you people, useless apc to tell us that you don’t know that there’s challenges in managing economy, you are talking rubbish.

  3. Chairman,We hear u but just know d consequences of your failed promises, God spares our lives, 2019 is around d corner, nigerians will NEVER be taken for granted again.

  4. Enough of this excuses. The Bible says who is that man who wants to build a house who will first sit down and count the cost…

    APC is telling us that they are incompetent and not trustworthy. 2019 beckons when reckoning time will offer us the opportunity to rank their deeds and misdeeds.

  5. this article clearly shows the incompetence of apc from the begining. You never had a correct assessment of the problem from the begining so what are you still doing there? Please jump out of there and let people who know the problem fix it

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