Lady Who Lived Like Kylie For A Week Admits It Was HARD

A woman who tried to live like Kylie Jenner for a week has revealed the incredible and ridiculous lengths she went to in emulating the TV personality.

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Erica Spaeth, a student from the US, cut out dairy, took on a rigorous make-up routine, squeezed into waist trainers and posed for endless selfies as well as photos with cute dogs and posh cars in her bid to mimic the superstar.

The 21-year-old later documented her seven-day quest to replicate Kylie’s millionaire lifestyle to show what it takes to maintain her flawless image.

Documenting her quest on website Babe, Erica said that the first thing she looked to nail was Kylie’s distinctive make-up look, with full pout and contouring – but admitted the star’s actual 15-step routine ‘didn’t appeal’ to her, so it was a somewhat pared-down version.

She wrote: ‘I purchased her brown-orangey eyeshadow and then used my normal tinted eye brightener, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil to create her look (in my colors of course).

‘I say “try” – I got through concealer and a little bit of highlighting before I was totally over smearing s**t on my face.

Kylie is most famous for her plumped up pout and her own brand lip-glosses sold out in a matter of minutes online earlier this year.

‘I actually caked on a few layers of a beige matte lipstick first to make my lips appear larger, then added the Kylie lipstick,’ Erica said.

Meanwhile, her take on Kylie’s Instagram lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without endless selfies and snaps of her with dogs or luxury cars.

‘My close friend Souvik also got a new car and allowed me to take a ride (Tyga driving, Kylie selfie-ing style) and a sexy photo.

‘And finally, I gave a tour of my Porsche because, well, that’s what Kylie did with her new custom Land Rover.’ Erica also took full advantage of the Snapchat filters favoured by Kylie.

Concluding, Erica wrote: ‘Living like Kylie for a week was kind of hard.



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