Why Marriage is Beyond Cooking & Praying for an Hour – Pastor Chris Ojigbani Talks on Trending Topic (video)

Pastor Chris Ojigbani is speaking on the trending topic of meeting certain criteria for marriage including cooking and being able to pray non-stop for at least an hour.


Recently, there was this controversy going on in the social media that a man shouldn’t marry a woman who doesn’t know how to cook or a woman who doesn’t pray for an hour. So, I deem it necessary to clarify the issue. As the apostle of marriage, it’s my responsibility to clarify the issue to avoid causing more delayed marriage, separation and divorce in the world.

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This is the will of God concerning the issue: You must not use cooking as a criterion for choosing your spouse. Though food is important in life, cooking must not be used as a criterion for choosing a spouse. Why? I tell you three reasons.

First, a woman who doesn’t know how to cook can actually learn how to cook. Second, a woman can employ the services of a professional cook. Third, a husband can tolerate if his wife doesn’t cook very well. Tolerance is important in marriage because everybody has weaknesses, both husbands and wives. If a woman doesn’t know how to cook, it should be regarded as a weakness and the husband has to tolerate in order to be happy.

It’s very wrong for a man to divorce his wife because she doesn’t know how to cook. Nobody used cooking as a criterion for choosing a spouse in the Bible. In fact, when Isaac married Rebekah, he didn’t meet her, it was his servant that proposed marriage to Rebekah on behalf of Isaac and paid the bride price even before Isaac set his eyes on Rebekah. So in Christianity, we don’t use cooking as a criterion for choosing a spouse.

It’s also important you note that praying for an hour must not be used as a criterion for choosing a spouse. There is no scripture that says Christians must pray for an hour before they become good Christians. What Jesus Christ asked his disciples was: why couldn’t they watch with Him for an hour. Watching is different from praying. And when they failed to watch with him for an hour, they didn’t cease to be Christians. Even Peter, who couldn’t watch for an hour became the head of the disciples. If Peter couldn’t watch for an hour and still became the head of the disciples, why should we use praying for an hour as a criterion for choosing a spouse?

Do you know that vain repletion is a sin in Christianity? Jesus Christ said that we should not speak much in prayer. In Matthew 6:7-8, the Bible says that speaking much in prayer is a sin. If you need something, you should ask your Father what you need. Just go straight to the point – the Bible says that He already knows what you need, even before you ask Him. So, if you are not yet married and you are a man, never you use cooking as a criterion for choosing your spouse. It’s very wrong. God will not be happy with you if you do something like that.

I am speaking to you as the apostle of marriage that God has sent to correct the wrong doctrines of marriage in the world. Get married, not because a woman knows how to cook, but because she is a good woman. If you marry someone that knows how to cook and she is not good, what happens to you? Man shall not live by bread alone.

If you are a married man under the sound of my voice, never you divorce your wife because she doesn’t know how to cook. You can teach her how to cook or you tolerate her. Marriage is about tolerance. And as a husband, it’s important you note that it’s your responsibility to nourish your wife, tolerate her, forgive her, and take good care of her. It’s a job you have to do.

God bless you. I love you! Don’t forget: marriage is beyond cooking; marriage is beyond praying for an hour. Marriage is an old fashioned institution. It’s the oldest institution and must be honored.

About the Author:
Pastor Chris Ojigbani, is the founder and Senior Pastor of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries – a non-denominational ministry with the mandate to empower singles to marry and make marriages work. You can visit singlesandmarried.org



  1. It is very clear that this brother is a pastor indeed. It is not strange to hear your jingle because we are actually in the era of end time. I only pity your patrons. What is the essence of christianity without prayers. Are you saying the scripture is incoherent when all christians are admonished to pray without ceasing. How will you get the right partner if you can’t pray aright? The scripture admonished us to train up our children the way to go and when they grow up, they wouldn’t depart from it. We are to train our children the basics of life that will sustain them and their future which includes cooking. I have much to say but I’ll advise you sir with all huminity to get more knowledge. If you care to know sir, prayer is the weapon of christians not just for marriage purpose alone but for all round victory. Jesus loves you

  2. Help me tell this end time Ibo pastor that if a woman knows how to cook (Olobe lo ni Oko) and can pray very well (born again Christian), she will definitely excel in her husband’s house and the family will be outstanding.
    It is better to avoid factors that can lead to divorce than to be managing each other.

  3. The truth is that Rebecca is a good cook and can pray for one hour. Women are managers of home. If a girl is planning to get married she should learn how to cook if she didn’t learn from home. And talking about prayers any person who is saved and baptised in the Holy Ghost can even pray longer. It takes the Holy Ghost for a woman to bridle her tongue efficiently. A professional cook will probably live with you and add to your problems. Extra marital affairs or even stretch your income. Be wise.

  4. Dear Pastor,
    Read the full text of Pst Adeboye’s teaching on that day to his members and to us who believe in his ministry

    “no RCCG pastor should be seen to be involved in arranging marriages among brethren in the church.”
    “don’t ever marry outside the church and you have no reason to marry outside RCCG. 
    “Don’t marry a girl simply because she can sing! In the choir there are some people that can sing but they are fallen angels! Marry a prayer warrior! If a girl cannot pray for one hour, don’t marry her. 
    “Don’t marry a girl who is lazy! Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook, she needs to know how to do chores and cook because you cannot afford to be eating out all the time. 
    “Don’t marry a girl who is worldly! If you do, you have carried what you’ll worship for the rest of your life!”

    Copied from a reliable source.

    Sir, get the full teaching of that day and listen, then make a judgement. Thank you

  5. Oga pastor abeg tell dem,tell those new generation and commercial pastors that are everywhere to deceive people to be rich

  6. Pastor, it is obvious that you did not read the full message of Pastor Adeboye. Could you pease try to read it with an open mind? If you cannot access it, the summary is that his message is NOT FOR EVERYBODY!

  7. Baba was just telling you people not to marry a pretender or olosho as a wife.
    If u do, u will nurse her and endure in your marriage for your entire life.
    If u do u risk your eternal joy for pleasure.
    If u do u risk missing heaven.
    If truly the above pastor is of God, I don’t have permision to judge a true man of God.
    I will just conlude by saying we look at the same object, but see it differently.

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