Former militants vows to go after those blackmailing Jonathan

A splinter Niger Delta ex-militants’ group, the Reformed Egbesu Avengers, REA, on Saturday vowed to go after those who have recently begun a smear campaign against ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, and linking him with the current violent militancy in the region.


The group’s latest statement also buttresses insinuations that the ex-warlords are sharply divided over allegations, especially by a group, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, that former President Jonathan formed the Niger Delta Avengers as a political tool to bargain with the present government.

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NDA, unarguably the most recalcitrant and unyielding of the major groups in the oil-rich region, had, since the beginning of this year, embarked on its ‘Zero Oil Economy’ slogan, destroying major oil and gas platforms in the Niger Delta.

In a statement issued in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, by the group’s spokesmans, ‘General’ Columbus Okolobo, the Reformed Egbesu Avengers specifically pledged to hunt down the leadership of the RNDA, which it said had become the mouthpiece of politicians who are bent on detracting from the ex-president’s ‘rising profile’.

It particularly singled out Cynthia Whyte, spokesperson of the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, arrowheads of the campaign, for ‘peddling falsehood’ and challenged her to reveal her identity.

The Egbesu Avengers described the purported security/intelligence report linking Jonathan to the rising militancy in the area as a cover for its sinister motives and advised the group to return to the original tenets of the struggle.

“The lid has blown open over Cynthia Whyte, as Nigerians now understand that same person is the spokesperson for MEND and the RNDA. We urge them to quit acting scripts because they can no longer masquerade, the carpet is off their feet.

‘The cordial relationship between RNDA and other militants groups with security agencies points to the fact there is a romance to hatch devilish allegations and machinations against perceived political foes”, the Egbesu group alleged.

Okolobo noted that the unforced handover by Jonathan was not a smokescreen, but a watershed in the history of the nation that earned Nigeria respect before the international community.

The Reformed Egbesu Avengers which recently pulled out of the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, a splinter group of NDA, said that the report was suggestive of political machinations to drag Jonathan’s name through the mud.

Okolobo averred that his group pulled out because the RNDA and other militant groups had suddenly become political tools in the hands of politicians to settle political differences as well as hound perceived enemies.

He emphasized that REA left the mother group because its members were no longer comfortable with the RNDA and other militant groups owing to the political infiltration of their ranks.

Describing the alleged security report as a ruse, it noted that the report was concocted to rubbish Dr. Jonathan’s ‘meritorious public service to fatherland’.

Okolobo refuted allegations that Jonathan met with any militant group before the general election in 2015, stressing that the account was unfounded and fanned by political foes.



  1. The alleged statements from MEND and RNDA are all scripts of APC apologists and sponsored by persons who wants the Niger Delta to remain in a state of mutual distrust. Some Humans are so hungry in the Niger Delta that, they can sell their mothers for money. So, are the so called GENERALS who do not know their right from their left are being used to write anything in the papers.
    They do not know that after they have been used to achieve the aim of the enemies of the Niger Delta People, they shall be dumped and their end will become worse when the few millions and cars they have been given is exhausted. BETRAYERS NEVER GET TRUSTED BY THE MAN WHO USE THEM. Because, he who used them will also get betrayed; so, like international crime rings, after the sabotage, they usually send another agent to eliminate their agent, not to confess or betray them in future. Those alleged MEND ands RNDA, beware of those who are sponsoring you, they are the shortest root to your ends. While I do not believe in violence, but not all will look and die from the majority who believe we are nothing, and it was their most grievous mistake to have voted for Jonathan, a nobody from the Ijaw Nation to smell Aso Rock. Even though, he did not do what was expected of him to right the wrongs of the past with regard to developing the Niger Delta.
    In fact, the Niger Delta wouldn’t have been dragged to violence again if Yar’ Adua had not died. The would have gotten a better deal than our own who served the interest of the North, and particularly the South West who are now bent on eliminating every Ijaw man. It was clear when Buhari said “95% Nigerian voted for him, and that these he will care for. Then, he expects the money and resources from those who did not vote for him, and whom he will destroy to sponsor the 95%?. These callous talks of people in power all over the country invites violent reactions from people who have and has never got a fare share of what have being produced from their region; and also the main cause of the destruction of their environment and economic wealth being to sit and watch when there is an open intention to eliminate their nation and people? The name Avengers then become relevant to their cause of the use of violence to destroy the source from which they the supposed enemy uses to better themselves for over 62years at the expense of their Region. People should think and reason the cause of violence. It is mostly direct result from injustice which God Almighty also hates.

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