Police AIG calls for case files of man who named dog Buhari

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of the Zone II Command Headquarters in Lagos, Abdulmajid Ali, had called for the transfer of the case file of a man alleged to have named his dog ‘Buhari.’


Ali said the case should be transferred to his desk without delay.

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“For now, the AIG Zone II has called for a meeting that we want to call the parties involved in the matter to see how the matter could be resolved,” Ogun State police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi, told Premium Times.

Joe Chinakwe was arrested and detained in police cell in Sango Otta, Ogun State, for three days last week after a neighbour complained that he named his dog ‘Buhari.’

However, Chinakwe claimed the dog was named after president Muhammadu Buhari, who he said was his hero.

A neighbour, who police identified as Halilu Umar from Sokoto State, reportedly told the police that Mr. Chinakwe’s decision was aimed at spiting and ridiculing his father who also happened to be named ‘Alhaji Buhari.’

Oyeyemi said since the AIG had shown interest in the case and wanted to broker a peace amongst the parties involved, Chinakwe might not be charged to court again on Monday.

“The matter may likely not go to court again on Monday,” Mr. Oyeyemi said.



  1. police wil not arest fulani kilin farmers and invading vilages bt wil arest d man dt call his dog buhari,obj call his chimpazin patience and dia was not air in d dust, god de

  2. You comments on this forum is always neither here nor there. I hope you are mentally balance?. Two guys have misunderstanding, top police officer wade in to make peace. Why d insult. Pls go for psychiatric test

  3. Good. Let’s see how the AIG settles it without arresting those threatening to kill the igboman. And the man is a foreigner from NigerRepublic

  4. Eh, what a mistake? Devil has pushed this Ibo man into big trouble, I pray he will never get out of it so that he will learn his lesson in a hard way in jail. I will also see what other bastard igbos rantling will do.

  5. Pls is the name Buhari exclusive to one person? Anybody can use it the way he or she want. Infact all the parties involve are not challenged

  6. I wonder if Adam ever passed through a School or perhaps he’s an educated illiterate. You are very myopic in thinking. If u claimed that Nigeria is being ruled by bastards, then you as one of the ruled is a bastard.

  7. On the moral side,the guy is very silly to have decided to name his animal after the president
    His excuses are merely a defensive strategy to get let off
    On the legal side,he doesn’t seem to have committed any crime,as it will be really difficult to establish any strong case against him
    This is more so when the name Buhari is not a registered trademark

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