Militancy: Niger Delta politicians in Buhari’s cabinet blackmailing Jonathan – IYC

The umbrella body of Ijaw youths, the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, has condemned the desperation by some politicians to rope former President Goodluck Jonathan into the formation of the Niger Delta Avengers.


The group, in a statement by its spokesman, Mr. Eric Omare, said the desperation came to the pinnacle with the media report that said that intelligence report indicated that Jonathan was one of the persons behind the formation of the NDA.

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The IYC said, “The characters behind this desperate plan are politicians of Niger Delta extraction who are in the present government and do not want a peaceful resolution of the renewed militancy in the region.

“They prefer a military option that would result in the killing of innocent Niger Deltans. The genesis of these frivolous accusations against former President Jonathan started after he visited President Buhari few weeks ago.

“And after the meeting and while speaking with the media, Jonathan said that everybody desired peace and that the leaders of the Ijaw nation were working hard to achieve peace in the Niger Delta region including himself.

“This did not go down well with these party chieftains and political office holders in the Federal Government from the Niger Delta region because they did not want a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

“Secondly, they don’t also want Jonathan’s intervention to resolve the crisis for obvious political reasons. So, this is the reason why they have orchestrated all sorts of lies to drag Jonathan into the formation of the NDA. It is deliberate and we are sure the top hierarchy of government knows this fact.”

The group strongly condemned the maligning of Jonathan, advising him to explore legal options to bring such irresponsible publications and blackmail to a stop.



  1. Hahahaha ha… Why speak for his innocence den. Jonathan is Avenger and Avenger is Jonathan. It is very simple. Even a primary school student will decode this story. Jonathan is going down to prison. I don’t know why a man will be so foolish to destroy his environment and his people because he lost an election. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

  2. Am sure that imbecile Amaechi is one of them. The cult guy thinks he can do anything and go away with it. Your own day of reckoning is coming. Continue to enjoy with the terrorists

  3. This IYC people should talk only what they know. The last time i checked, Jonathan has not appointed it as his spokesperson. Jonathan should come out and deny that he doesn’t have anything to do with the so-called Avengers who by the way have declared an unilateral cease-fire bcos of the fear of very possible military pounding the FGN is planning against them.

  4. The Yorubas are edging for war they cannot fight. A man who could resist and could validly contest the outcome of the elections as a president in power but freely released power to a winner, and even congratulated the man even before the umpire declared a winner. Is it no absurd that he is worried he lost an election?
    Will Buhari agree to a defeat in the manner GEJ did? When Buhari won only 3 states of the Federal in 2011, he went to court contesting the result. Talk less of having won above the required number of states, and only numbers difference, would he have agreed with the clear evidence of Sokoto, Kano, Maiduguri etc. where children tagged as wives voted?
    I think, the Buhari man whom the Yorubas are pushing into a fight, knows better as a soldier who has fought wars.

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