I handed over a Nigeria that produced Africa’s richest man and the largest economy – Jonathan replies Buhari

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, has insisted that he handed over a Nigeria that was economically viable to his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari.


Jonathan’s remark follows accusation that he left a bad economy for his successor to inherit.

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The Buhari-led Federal Government since assumption of power last year, has continued to accuse it’s predecessor of being responsible for the country’s current economic challenges.

But the former President, in his response to these criticisms, maintained that he handed over the best Nigerian government with the largest economy in Africa to Buhari.

In a statement he personally signed, Jonathan said, “I took over a Nigeria that was the second largest economy in Africa with a GDP of $270.5 billion in 2009, I handed over a Nigeria that had grown to become the largest economy in Africa and the 24th largest economy in the World, with a GDP of $574 billion.

“I inherited a Nigeria in which the trains were not working, and handed over a Nigeria in which citizens can safely travel by trains again.

“I inherited a Nigeria that was a net importer of cement, and handed over a Nigeria that is a net exporter of cement.

“In 2009, the richest Nigerian was the 5th richest man in Africa, but I handed over a Nigeria that produced the richest man in Africa.”



  1. Are you sure you know what u are saying, can’t you see all those that embezzled Nigeria’s fund under your administration?

  2. I am an hausa but i don’t suppose Buhari, this hardship is too much, Buhari should start to do something than making complains everyday

  3. I can now confirm that this clueless GEJ is also shameless. Just exposed his stupidity in allowing unfettered access into our collective wealth by the so-called Africa’s richest man, who he foolishly made a prominent member of his economic team, by way of Waivers, Rebates and outright dubious payments. Progress indeed!

  4. I wonder why GEJ border to respond to these people
    People who think and believe that TSA means FG moneys should not be in banks but in CBN where it is idling and of no benefit to anyone
    These are people who thinks and believe that our only problem is corruption nothing else
    These are people who think and believe any contrary opinion means you are a thief …
    These people who are eager to show that their ineptitude and cluelessness is due to someone else …. blame game
    Better not to argue with a fool bcos you can’t win. A fool know not and does not now he knows not .

  5. The lame duck former president Jonathan is even getting more and more daft
    How can any man with brain inside his skull be proud to go public to say that he produced one Africa’s richest Shylock in the midst of poverty stricken and terribly suffering masses
    Besides I do not know which railway Jonathan spoke about,wether it is the type were majority of the passengers sit on the top of the trains due severe shortage
    Jonathan will never cease to amaze

  6. Mr buhari, you can complain. if President buhari cannot develop this country. make he return us to wia we dey. Enough of this political propaganda

  7. GEJ should just keep quiet before Nigerians decide to lynch him for causing our current mess

    By the way, Danone was already made b/4 GEJ arrived at the scene

  8. This yoruba and hausa people it is seriously becoming clear say na ccecc or one chinese company naim construct una as una lack brains; una brains if ever una get suppose to tell you that if the inflation in the last 1yr is multiplied exponentially incompetence is smelling, in 2009 when there was world economic recession we didn’t have it this bad, it was managed properly, this last 1yr the recession is internal and everything crashed yet you dey blame everyone and anything, last week the minister for agric say we should blame Ibb’s government of 1986, very soon we will blame tafawa balewa of 1966, then we graduate to blame herbert macaulay of 1946, then Lord luggard; I feel really irritated when I read some comment of so called graduates, who are not better than the cleaner in some office, I wonder where is this one thinking from? Ask critical questions enough of swallowing rubbish hook, line and sinker; corruption we agree, the recovered money pump it into the system; let’s have liquidity, but no keep playing the blame game, use your head please ask them question when there was corruption the economy was liquid, cash flow was constant; enough of the blame game, I was at a training and we were told the day leadership is thrust on you, you loose every right for excuses, as excuses are signs of incompetence; whatever you met there was the reason why the put you there to solve problems; Obama inherited a badly messed economy in 2008 did the Americans have to loose job? did inflation fly? To he whom brain is given is some sense expected

    • @Victor

      To make progress, we have to stop lying to ourselves. The only reason that Nigeria survived the world economic recession is because object left $60 billion in our reserves

      With this $60 billion, Nigeria was able to weather the storm until oil went to $100/barrel from 2011 – 2014 Sept

      But the idiots in power blew most of the $60 billion as well as the $100/barrel for 4 years and thereby brought us to this mess

  9. We are talking of your performance as a president of Nigeria and for the people in Nigeria.
    what is our business and your business with Dagote personal wealth?
    You see Jonathan foolishness. Unable to manage resources and people under him. Mass embezzlement in Jonathan government, Shame.

  10. You have made your points very clear. The govt may not be able to point at any achievement the way things are going. He forcefully took power 1983 and jailed everybody. People took over from him and the bitterness is still in him todate. Now all Nigerians are aware he took over an economy when crude oil price was going down why making so much trouble with predecessor. He should think of what to handover. This complaint too much. Obama took over economy in recession but he never killed anybody. 6 months after taking over, no ministers which means no govt. It took 6 months to submit 2016 budget. Why blaming others for your faults.

  11. @william

    ordinarily I would have allowed all comments pass by but will like to school you very well; your obj who’s the grand patron of corruption left 24billion dollars and not 60; please stop misleading the public even he said it, GEJ left 30billion dollars as at when he handed over never has the disaster you people voted in ever accused them of an empty treasury; even the minister for lies and propaganda affairs said they looted and never accused anyone of emptying the treasury; they keep using the punchline of corruption which is fast becoming a slap line and will soon stop hooking; Okonjo iweala cordinated the economy well; this thing from Ogun state that doesn’t even know simple arithmetic has crashed the economy giving it smack down

    • @WILLIAMS, you are right. The lady from Ogun State scattered everything, but i wont blame her she can not do beyond her intellectual capacity. And at all time take into consideration that Elder Buhari is a dictatorship, he appoints people that he can threatening of impeachment as a minister, both either as a corrupt entity or as a losers that believe can not survive without partake in a politics

    • @Victor, u are so so wrong. OBJ left $60b in our reserves when he left. This fact is verifiable,so u stop misleading Nigerians with wrong data. U should always try to make ur own comments without insulting anybody, we all can never see everything the same way chiefly bcos we are all different. U should either like or dislike another’s comment & make ur own.

  12. sorry @victor i am to say. you are right. The lady from Ogun State scattered everything, but i wont blame her she can not do beyond her intellectual capacity. And at all time take into consideration that Elder Buhari is a dictatorship, he appoints people that he can threatening of impeachment as a minister, both either as a corrupt entity or as a losers that believe can not survive without partake in a politics

  13. @Victor

    Please try and remove hatred and tribalism from your heart. It is not only disgusting but toxic

    The bottomlineis that Jonathan inhibited $30 billion in reserves and $30 billion on excess crude account.

    Soludo and Iweala have admitted as much

    By the way the economy was great during GEJ and Iweala because oil was at $100/ barrel and nothing more

    The economy would have also been great if an idiot was a president at $100/barrel

    The idiots in PDP ruined Nigeria, period !

  14. We should address issues and not passing insults on our former and present President.
    Some commentators who do not know their left hand from right are just talking rubbish. Regarding the economic problems, what actually went wrong? We operate a mono economy, where we solely depend on crude oil. Now that the price of oil is at is lowest ebb, what do we see? No money to share to all non-economic viable States. At the time of oil boom, the existing government then failed to develop the necessary infrastructure.

    We should be happy that there is new government that can manage whatever is earned from our mono product. If the old government had continued to be in place with the level of corruption, Nigeria as a country would have disintegrated.

    Buhari’s administration should continue development of infrastructure throughout the country. The economy should be diversified, agriculture and manufacturing should be looked into. There should be rethink about the too much noise on tax as the next revenue earner. Many companies are not doing well for many years now. People are losing their jobs daily since 2010. Who then do you impose the tax?

  15. Nigerians get down to work in your Country and stop this back and forth blame games, thoughts based on ethnicity and the expectation of people to just seat on a sofa and expect manna to fall on their laps.lf you do not sow you cannot reap, this is fact of life. If you people like blame all the persons you want to, the fact is if you do not sow good you cannot reap the rewards of those who do sow good. Last line—Government are in Office but not in Power, until we realize this fact, people will continue to wallow in ignorance and poverty.

  16. @ed
    To show how misled you’re you don’t even have a name; well will just glorify your ignorance with a response though, please send your reference on where you got your information that he left $60bn, having blown $16bn to produce darkness, let’s compare and contrast as I believe liar mohammed gave you such information; because they’ve taken over from the devil, lying, deciet and propaganda

  17. @Victor, i am too matured to start bandying words with u, just be sure of info before u put them out. Ur immaturity and ignorance is very manifest, such that u don’t know that Ed is a name, that is, if u actually know what a name is.

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