Why states deserve greater resource control – Ambode

Lagos State governor, Akinwumi Ambode, said the Federal Government must allow states to develop natural resources within their domains and create necessary infrastructure that would attract investors.


“Governors are the owners of the land in their states but underneath the land and even inside the water – the Federal Government is structured in a way that it controls those potentials. In a situation where the states are being spoon-fed, because I call the federation account more or less like spoon-feeding. The Federal Government collects total revenue on Value Added Tax (VAT) and various revenues on behalf of all of us and makes us to come to Abuja and more or less shares it to us as peanuts, thereby not allowing us to reach our potentials as competitive states individually,” said Ambode.

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The governor spoke at the 4th Progressives Governance Lecture in Kaduna, themed: ‘Building The Economy of States: Challenge of Developing Inclusively Sustainable Growth’, yesterday.

The event was attended by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, and the 23 governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC).



  1. You see? When the Niger Delta governors were agitating for resource control some years back, most you said no. Lagos has found oil and the Governor has join in saying recourse control and you all said” well said, very correct”. We as a country cannot move forward, except when we see the truth even if it doesn’t favour us, let’s stand by it, then and only then this country can move forward.

  2. Ambode, so, you too want to talk about resource control because your state has been listed having 3 Wells as oil producing state abi? Is it not your Baba Awolowo who devilishly revised the 60:40 formula to NOTHING FOR THE OWNERS OF RESOURCES because, he has grudges with Papa Enairho for proposing a Bill for the creation of Midwest Region, removing Olobiri in present day Bayelsa State from the Former Western Region? Ever since, the Yorubas and their government officials and Rulers Like OBJ promulgated the NNPC Act and Land Use Act to ensure the Niger Delta gets nothing from the Oil that have destroyed their land, and left with nothing to show for its contribution to the development of Nigeria for over 62years? I am sure, your Mallam friends will not allow it. PIB bill is lying in the National Assembly untouched, because, communities where the pipe passed through like Texas in the USA will benefit. Different strokes for different fokes. Resource Control in DEED!!

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