Extradition: Justice Abang refuses Kashamu’s fresh application to stop DSS, Police

A Federal High Court in Abuja has refused an application by Senator Buruji Kashamu to stop the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Nigeria Police from going ahead with his arrest and extradition to the United States.


Kashamu is the Senator representing Ogun East in the National Assembly.

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Justice Okon Abang in his ruling on Wednesday held that the application was incompetent.


He added that the security agencies deserved to be served notice to show cause before the order was granted.

Kashamu’s counsel, Godswill Mrakpor, had asked the court to grant urgent hearing to the application, insisting that there were moves to arrest and transport Kashamu to the US to face drug-related charges.



  1. Well done to the judge, let this disgrace to Nigeria face the music for drug crimes in the USA. These are the kind of criminals the PDP support. No wonder so many Nigerians traffic drugs all over the globe with people like Kashamu as role models.

  2. I just cannot fathom what type of laws people like Kashamu will be making for us
    A man that is clinging to the court to escape being extradited abroad to face charges on drug dealing
    A guy that obviously lacks credibility
    Methinks he could had jetted out to USA on holiday all this while to prove his innocence,like Aisha Buhari did in grand style recently

  3. Kashamu, Kashamu, abi senator Kashamu, a respectable & honourable Bizman cum politician of our time, they want u in USA, why all these legal tustle ?, Just zoom to USA to prove ur innocence, as simple as ABC. The wife of d president just did that.

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