CLO accuses Buhari of sponsoring herdsmen attacks

Piqued by the slaughter of 17 hapless natives of Enugu State in the past four months by rampaging Fulani herdsmen, the Civil Liberties Organization, CLO, yesterday, alleged that President Muhammad Buhari’s inaction on the killings suggests that he is behind the dastardly acts.


CLO said had a similar orgy befallen another country in Africa, Europe and other parts of the world, Buhari would have been the first to condemn the killings while he turns a blind eye on the endless killings of his fellow country men and women.

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Continuing, CLO, also vowed to follow, inch-by-inch, the arrest last Monday, of one herdsman, Ibrahim Adamumale, 20, nabbed in Affa, Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State for allegedly being in possession of a sophisticated gun, an AK-47 rifle with 24 rounds of live ammunition.

CLO’s anger was against the backdrop of the arrest by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police, IGP’s Intelligence Response Team, IRT, on the alleged masterminds of April 25 Nimbo massacre of 13 natives, based on credible technical intelligence.

The suspects arrested in the Nimbo attack were: Mohammed Zurai, Ciroma Musa, Sale Adamu, Suleiman Laute, and Haruna Laute.

They lamented that the country has never been polarized along ethnic lines as it is now.

Member, CLO Board of Governors, Alhaji Danjuma Gambo said: ”We are wondering whether the president, who ran for office, four consecutive times never had an agenda for Nigeria.

With a little above one year in office, the country is now in a terrible mess where people can no longer sit down peacefully in their own ancestral homes.

“The development that a herdsman was arrested by Police last Monday is not the first. Exactly four months ago, the same Fulani herdsmen attacked Nimbo, killing about 13 persons. This is apart from burning of houses,raping of women and children and destruction of farmlands. The five suspects arrested in the Nimbo massacre made confessional statements to the killings in Nimbo. Will the investigation take eternity when the same police said the suspects have made confessional statements? The Inspector General of Police should account for the five suspects and tell us where they are four months after the investigation.

“Police in Enugu must tell us how the suspect got the sophisticated AK-47 rifle and also prosecute him to bring closure to these cases. Justice should be seen to be done. Buhari has never condemned herdsmen activities and his body language suggests that he sponsors their activities.”



  1. We don’t need anyone to tell us that the blood sucking Buhari is on a mission to finish all the Ibos…SS/SE. but God will surely disappoint him. An old fool, he will soon die in that evil seat.

  2. Please CLO you are right to say it cos the so called president has never a time other police or army or dss to make arrest of those involved. He knows what he is doing.But he forgot that one day he and his house hold will answer the question in heaven. I pray that he lives and see the wrought of God.

  3. Fast forward 18 months later same thing is still happening though now on a more horendous scale. Those arrests made then have never been followed thru. Even though these criminals are bold enough to step out to step out to defend their crimes govt & their IGP still say they are faceless.Maybe bcos even d president,many northern govs & sanusi have jumped into d ring to continue dir defence of this genocide. Ordinarily this has already tied them up as culpable accmplices to mass murder & genocide.Especially pres. buhari who aiready has a prior yet 2 be prosecuted criminal case for genocide inciting hate speech from the 2011 murderous riots/massacre he triggered with his ‘kill ze baboons speech” on BBC. Only Nnamdi Kanu can boast of more inciting inflammatory language & even he couldnt boast of any appreciable number of his target population killed. Apart from his own followers that he drove to their deaths in an ill-timed,unplanned confrontation with the Army. Kanu can only compete with zaky-zaky in d amount of his ppl killed but not buhari who can boast of hundreds of his targets murdered in cold blood from d words of his mouth. Is the I.C.C. really existent how many deaths do u to trigger b4 it is given passmark as genocide. Some bori help me pls.

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