Hilarious! Fake Pastors, ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ …See 10 Things Nigerian Graduates Often Become Due to Joblessness

The state of joblessness in Nigeria is really high and it can go a long way to cause people to do unbelievable things.


In this current unbearable recession of the nation, when many graduates can’t even feed well let alone wear good clothing and live comfortable lives. Some are being frustrated by the current state of the nation that they consciously and unconsciously constitute nuisance in the society

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Without wasting time, below are the nuisance being constituted by some graduates due to joblessness.

Note: This is NOT a generalization of all graduate who are currently unemployed

1. Political Thuggery

Many will agree with me that joblessness has eloped the thinking faculty of some graduates that they become APC/PDP tyrants causing riot and snatching ballot boxes during election just because of the meager some antagonistic politicians have promised them; and this often makes me wonder the kind of graduates our institutions are churning out every year.

2. They Become Fake Pastors

As barbaric as it sounds, some graduates suddenly turn themselves to pastors overnight without God’s calling. They seek out the best of herbalists for magical powers just to perform signs and wonders that Jesus didn’t perform during his time. They perform miracles that are too impossible to be real just to deceive gullible Christians so that their fan base will increase, and the more th congregation, the more the tithes and offering to buy exotic cars.

3. Fraudulent Activities (Yahoo Yahoo, 419, gbaju e)

Another public nuisance exhibited by some graduates is that they engage in fraudulent activities such as 419, yahoo yahoo, etc. Recently, some of them try to gather as many phone numbers as possible on facebook and will start sending bulk SMSes and email to mobile subscribers that their ATM cards have been deactivated due to failure to activate their BVN, and that they should send their account details to reactivate it.

4. Smoking Marijuana on the Streets

I know that many will agree with me that some Nigerians institutions are very known to be churning out thugs and cultists on the streets of Nigeria. When these people graduate from school and can’t get jobs, you will see them hovering at jedi jedi seller shops drinking smoking marijuana. This display of public nuisance is very common with graduates of OOU.

5. Prostitution

As funny as it sounds, some ladies graduate from school and become runs girl just to meet their basic needs. They carry this operation out by posting all sorts of flirtatious pictures and status on facebook, whatsapp, instagram, etc, just to catch the attention of the best of interested chairmen on social media. Some ladies even focus more on the male corp members just to scam them on their alawi (N19, 500)

6. They Quarrel over Irrelevant things

Despite being jobless, some of them are so full of themselves that they demand for respect by force because they have Bsc. They quarrel over things that should be overlooked since they are idle. That was how a dude who graduated from Lautech told insulted a lady that she lacked respect because she failed to greet him. Could you believe he went as far as using his corper belt after POP to flog this lady when just to show that he had served

7. Bashing people on Social media

Some of them are found on social media poking their noses into other people’s affairs, trolling, derailing threads and causing commotion where there is peace. They are always quick to label other people “jobless” when in fact, they are the ones suffering from joblessness.

8. Fighting At Vendor Cubicle

As job no dey, some will wake up very early in the morning and will head to the nearest vendor shouting at the top of their voices just to discredit Buhari as a bad leader when they can’t even mange their own lives appropriately let alone managing a whole nation.. This public nuisance is very common with political fanatics when they can’t get jobs

9. Causing Commotion at Parties

Since job no dey, some of them attend parties they’re not invited and will even be fighting for Gulder, star and schnapps. Masquerade festivals, they are there, marriage reception, they are there, yam festival, they are there.

10. They Become Fake Beggars

Some of them will wrap their legs with bandage and will rub their eyes will rob pretending to be suffering from gonorrhea and HIV by speaking good English so that people can believe them and have compassion on them by giving them money. They are very many in Oshodi and Ijana-Ipaja



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