Protesters storm US Embassy demand Amnesty International exit from Nigeria

A group, under the aegis of Progressive Citizens Congress, has called on the US Embassy to prevail over Amnesty International to desist from dishing out inaccurate report on the activities of terrorists in the country.


In a press statement titled “Amnesty International Leave Nigeria Now”, signed by the President of the group, Desmond Abiona, the group lauds the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigeria Army on their efforts in curbing terrorism in the country, while bemoaning the activities of Amnesty International

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The group said: “There is apparently a concerted effort to turn Nigeria into a failed state and recent events are a proof of such plot. Our dear country has battled all manners of insurgency in the north east especially the Boko Haram terror group, which was once an assemblage of ragtag of misguided youths that turned into an international terror organisation within the shortest time possible.

“There have also been several other sects that try to spread extreme ideologies and radicalise youths, starting from the northern part of the country, but for the timely intervention of the law enforcement agencies.

“One common thread runs through the terror attacks and plot of terror. That link is called Amnesty International (AI), an NGO that has repeatedly abused its position by doctoring reports to exonerate the real criminals while vilifying those avowed to fighting such criminals on behalf of the nation. It does all in its power to make the people and the government look bad while the terrorists are canonized as saints.

“With heaven’s backing, Nigeria finally defeated Boko Haram, the terror group that Amnesty International worked for in the north east largely to the gallant performance of the Army under its current leadership.This unholy alliance is another of Amnesty International’s trick at intimidating our law enforcement and security agencies from being able to fight terrorists and leave Nigeria vulnerable to suit its paymasters’ goal for us as a country.

“We therefore demand that Amnesty International immediately shuts down its subversive operations in Nigeria and leave the country forthwith. If Amnesty International fails to comply with this quit notice we shall occupy the premises of every single facilities it operates from. We further take steps to publish the identities of its operatives in Nigeria, their relations and contacts details that will make it possible for concerned Nigerians to directly reach them to pass on the message to leave the country.”



  1. The only achievement of amnesty international is to go about promoting and encouraging all sorts of criminal activities while campaigning for criminals to be left to operate as they chose and blaming the authorities for enforcing the laws of the land
    Surely we do not need such a counterproductive organisation around us

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