Even Jesus Cannot Save Nigeria Unless… – Comedian Alibaba Writes on Economy in Recession

In yet another thought-provoking piece posted on social media, popular Nigerian comedian, AliBaba has broken his silence on the Nigerian economy which is in recession and has proffered his personal solution.






Veteran comedian and the father of Stand-up comedy in Nigeria, Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, popularly known by his stage name, Ali Baba, has taken to his Instagram page to speak on the state of the nation’s economy and suggested the creation of new sources of revenue.

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  1. Blasphemy !! There is limit to comedy
    Please don’t involve Jesus in your yeye comedy . It is a total lack of g respect .let him shit his dirty mouth.
    Jesus saves and if you fail to acknowledge him then you are doom. Be warned .Yeye man !
    You Alibaba , you are a profiteer of the corruption that has embellish the nation.
    When you are paid , do u not pay kick back to them ?
    Now everybody is forming holy man . Yeye de smell

  2. Bros Ali Baba,
    There is no situation that JESUS cannot save, the question is are we willing to follow HIS lead.
    Kindly separate CHRIST from your joke, it might cost you more than you think (if you have access to Prophet Elisha, you can ask him)

  3. This guy is just a trash and a big foolish person. You just committed a serious blunder with your mouth. How can you bring Jesus into this drama. You hardly make any mature joke. What is wrong with you. Kindly be warned and retract I your comment you have gone too far. A one is enough

  4. Ali baba, you lack understanding. You spoke what you dont know. And i wouldnt blame you. Nigerians are so docile to listen to your thrashes, and that is part of what has landed us into this hole. Jesus is the Lord of All, but you lack respect and divine understanding. Did Jesus Christ advised Nigerians to spend idiotically? Judgement wii run against 5hose that call His name in vain. Repent now!

  5. Ali baba is an idiot. Why did involve our Lord Jesus christ in you stupid yeye joke. Why will you foolish think Jesus cannot save nija. To let you know, he is more powerful than all the dieties and gods including Illuminati you are serving. Be careful, repent and accept Jesus.

  6. Ali Baba, this was an intellectual piece
    But the truth is that God and Jesus are beyond our intellect
    Jesus put it this way Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures
    Or the power of God. Matt 22:29
    Ali Baba this was a great error you made and I believe God will forgive you
    Just ask for his forgiveness
    For with God, nothing shall be impossible!

  7. Ali baba,I dont know who you worship,but involving Jesus in your silly jokes is the height of blasphemy and sheer irresponsibility!may you not see the wrath of the Lord Almighty.

  8. Honestly Speaking, except you repent quickly, you are finished for Life! You may end up like the king officer in 2kgs 7:2 if you don’t repent quickly. Who are you to speak blasphemy ? Please I beg you, repent quickly you are trending a dangerous path!

  9. There’s a time and place for jokes. Laughter is the best medicine, but any joke that dishonors God is poison not medicine, repent now before its too late

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