No Panties: You Will Not Believe What This Woman Wore to a Public Event (Photos)

These pictures have been trending on Instagram with sketchy details about the person rocking the outfit or the event it was worn to.

red carpet

N*dity seems to have come to stay as far as the 21st century fashion is concerned as the trend of revealing clothes has been far spreading from developed countries to global south countries in Africa and others.

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This lady actually wore no panties as she rocked a revealing gown on the red carpet with her man who appealed comfortable in her outfit that technically showed her private part.

Most of these oufits are purposely worn by women to steal newspaper headlines which always works as planned



  1. Two things we should understand in Nigeria
    (1) The lady may wearing a new type of pant called ‘C-string’, it only covers the vagina
    (2) the court in America has ruled that someone can walk about without wearing cloth
    That is the level of madness in the western world now

  2. they use to say “ugly people do ugly things” But this days, “beautiful people do ugly things”. The love of money…………………………………………

  3. Na this kind of dress Jihadist will fight to finish when they try it in Islamic countries. It is totally immoral and the USA without culture have ruled that a woman can wear nothing and move around. This kind of dress is also not strange in France where ladies go about with their men in transparent see through see flowing gown without pants and you can see everything that makes the woman. This one at least cover the local government area small. Oyibo go blind our eyes.

  4. Every society has its social norm and values. I would rather have this woman as she is than all our rapists e.g Ituah raping 2 year old( in Lagos last week) 5 years old raped to the point of death in Bayelsa last month. While we are preaching morality in Public the action of men and some women are no better than wild animals in secret until they are caught. The crimes against the innocent and the weak in this country is astronomical. 30 cases of rape aline of young women and children on average in Katsina state aline a month should be a major concern for us Nigerians not what a foreign fashionista is wearing.

  5. @Tina, everything done in secret remains in secret until exposed! Indecent exposure remains bad afterall these people dressing indecently could as well have things they are doing in secret which we may never know until they are caught and exposed.

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