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Social intervention programs gets N500bn in 2017 budget

The Federal Government said it would again set aside the sum of N500bn in the 2017 budget for social intervention programs for that fiscal period.


The amount when added to the N500bn earlier approved for the same purpose this year would bring the total budgetary allocation for social intervention programs to N1tn in two years.

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The Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed, gave the N500bn budgetary provision figure for next year while speaking at a media briefing in Abuja on the national nutrition week.

The main objective of the week is to intensify awareness on the importance of food and nutrition on child survival and its impact on human development, productivity and economic development.

She lamented that despite the commitment of the Federal Government to nutrition, malnutrition is still a challenge to national development.

She added that while it would be difficult for the government alone to address the issue owing to funding constraints, it would use the instrumentality of the budget in channeling funds for social intervention programs.

4 Comments on Social intervention programs gets N500bn in 2017 budget

  1. I keep on saying it that Hausa’s are dragging the entire Nigeria backward and don’t want to learn, they always depending on government to feed their children which always give them gut to breed like pigs. This intervention fund will do a lot of FG road or boost our power section, which tribe benefit from intervention fund.


  2. Almajiri economic policy: Destroy the economy, impoverish the citizens and feed them. Make them completely dependent on government handouts. That is the policy of Buhari’s government


  3. They haven’t even funded the one for 2016,dis people well so?


  4. Bassey Eniang // October 22, 2016 at 6:15 am // Reply

    This is a test of the brilliance and quality of the FGN’s economic team. The issues to be urgently addressed are:
    1. Inflation. Question. How can this be achieved? Is reflating the economy the answer?
    2. How does the FGN reverse the trend of the economic recession. By spending? If so, how, when and where to spend? Intervention is a possible solution. Caveat, does the country have the discipline and strict compliance atmosphere to enable intervention?
    On the subject, my view is that the immediate intervention, that is spending, not “setting aside” of N50 billion x 2 years, will go a long way in recovering the economy. The intervention must be directly to the most vulnerable Nigerians and small businesses. I suggest that if the risk of inflation can be managed, the FGN pay N500,000.00 directly to each of most vulnerable households and small businesses that applies over a twenty four month period. Such intervention/spending must be targeted at sectors of the economy that Govern enter wants to promote, like Agriculture, low income housing, transportation for low income citizens, health, education (school fees, upgrading of educational facilities, etc) and so on. We must stop talking about “” Nigerians need to feel directly and in person the impact of Government. Only the political elites have enjoyed the impact of Government since 1999. It is time for the, voters, workers and most vulnerable Nigerian to experience real change in their living standard after all the constitution provides that it is the duty of Government to ensure the wellbeing of Nigerians. Those who voted this Government into office must defend their votes and insist that this constitutional provision is strictly complied with before the next election in 2019. There you have it!


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