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Groom Causes Serious Confusion After Being Caught Kissing His Bride Like This on Their Wedding Day (Photo)

A man has got tongues wagging on the internet after a photo of him kissing his wife on their wedding day emerged.

what kiss_

This is the photo that has got people talking.

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The photo shows a man and his wife kissing on their wedding day.

However, the expression on the man’s face while kissing his wife has caused a stir.

Concerned online users are now trying to fathom the reason behind the awkward face the man made.

While some internet users are saying the man couldn’t stand the woman’s bad breath, others are saying this may be the shape of the man’s face.

Others have opined that the man hates kissing and was just forced to kiss the bride.

15 Comments on Groom Causes Serious Confusion After Being Caught Kissing His Bride Like This on Their Wedding Day (Photo)

  1. Chaiii! the girl mouth dey small like mad……. i can perceive it frm here


  2. E be like say rat die for her mouth


  3. See what Buhari caused


  4. This is serious oh


  5. Nothing person no go see during buhari tenure


  6. May the lady has very bad mouth odor


  7. Chai!!!!the odour is so bad


  8. Thats not good ooo


  9. dats funy of him


  10. You guys don’t have to make a comment about everything.
    How would you feel as a bride, if all these insinuations were made about you?
    Always think good and not bad.
    Does this man have pain in any part of his body? Nobody knows
    Why would a man marry a woman he has been going out with for quite some time and he knows that she has bad breath?
    Lets get rid of our negativity and be more positive and sensitive when making comments


  11. The man was crying because of buhari’s economic policies


  12. Akin Oladiran // September 6, 2016 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    Hmmmmm!!! The camera did not capture the right moment. I’m sure there are better snapshots.


  13. The man is from Ondo State, Nigeria, working with the State government. The last time he received his salary was February 2016, and this is September 2016. The government of Gov. Olusegun Mimiko is simply owing the man 6-month salary. So, what is the connection? The man is very unhappy, he is down emotionally; his wedding day notwithstanding. Everything the man was doing on the day was grudgingly done. If not because the wedding date was fixed since last year, the date could have been shifted. Gov. Mimiko is to be held responsible for the man’s unhappiness and emotional downcast.


  14. Tunji I truly agreed with you maybe he got some nerve damaged that affect his facial appearance therefore when he smiles you will think otherwise πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ€” some how both must have dated for sometime to figure out if she has mouth odor before planning this beautiful wedding together πŸ€”πŸ˜˜


  15. I don’t think it’s his default facial or camera man’s bad timing or financial state for that matter… Anytime a man kisses his wife should be a beautiful moment that neutralizes stress, cause
    emotional/ spiritual healing and positive countenance transformation. I believe this was staged.


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