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Drama as 90-year-old Man is Found Abandoned by His Own Children at a Graveyard (Photos)

In what will come across as a rather shocking development, an old man has been found after he was abandoned by his children at a graveyard.




Many residents of Mutomo village in Gatundu South, Kiambu County have been shocked after waking up to find a 90-year-old man dumped near a graveyard along Gatundu-Mutomo Kenyatta Road.

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The old man identified as Samuel Kibure claimed his nephews and some of his children woke him up in the middle of the night, wrapped him in a blanket then bundled him up in a car before driving him off.

He was dumped at the spot located next to Mutomo graveyard at 2:00am Tuesday, September 6.

The elderly man had been admitted to a hospital in Gatundu before being discharged. His son took him to his brothers home in Karembu village in Gatundu South.

Kibure who is paralysed said he was a prominent businessman who worked with the Ministry of Agriculture but became poor after he started drinking heavily and sold all his land.

The man who claims is homeless urged well wishes to rescue him since his children have left him to die.

“My children see me as a burden, and they have left me to die since I am paralysed and useless to them,” Kibure was quoted by EDaily.

6 Comments on Drama as 90-year-old Man is Found Abandoned by His Own Children at a Graveyard (Photos)

  1. Eyah…


  2. Pity for the old man


  3. I said it earlier that you must honour your parent no matter the situation. They are next after God.


  4. God will not be happy with them for this at all


  5. E ya poor man!!!!they want him to die on time


  6. too bad ,wat of his kids


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