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Funke Akindele to fans: Pray for me to have a child

Comic actress Funke Akindele who secretly married her Nigerian rapper boyfriend Abdul Rasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz in London recently has urged her fans to pray for her.


Funke who is the producer of hugely successful comedy, Jenifa’s Diary, took to her Facebook page yesterday afternoon to appeal for prayers from her fans.

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“I’m not shy to say this,” she wrote.


“You all know I, Funke Akindele Jenifa has been married for a while now without any issue.

“Some have even laughed at me, insulted me, judged me without knowing the pains I go through. I put up every effort in entertaining my fans and Nigerians at large, I made you laugh and some would even say I’ve inspired them in one way or the other.

“Now I’m in another man’s house.”

This is Funke’s second attempt at marriage. In 2012, she married Kehinde Almaro of Oloyede in a glamorous wedding which started having cracks just months after. While JJC Skillz has four children from different women, Funke is yet to have her own child and in her appeal, she also asked her fans to pray for her to conceive and deliver safely, even imploring them to share her prayer.

“Pls always put me in your prayers. I pray this year 2016 will not pass me by. I will not only give birth, but I will give birth safe and sound. As you write AMEN to this prayer, may God answer all your hidden prayers.

“Pls why not write Amen?

“Why not share this posts for others to say amen?

“Your AMEN is so powerful. Type Amen on my behalf.

“Even when I’m not happy, I still put up a smile face. Just for you my lovers, my fans. I love you all.”

The fans did have good words to her as the post in just a few hours generated nearly 200 shares, about 1, 400 comments and over 1, 700 reactions, wishing her the best of her matrimonial life.

25 Comments on Funke Akindele to fans: Pray for me to have a child

  1. What is wrong in you ? …why are you warri?

    God is the gifer of children…oya, relaxation! God is in control.


  2. Amen! U are blessed, u are a mother of children


  3. Jenifa ore mi, is okay, God in Heafun e haff hansa ur prayers, takes hearting… ( She’s amazing and amusing. God Bless her).


  4. Don’t worry God will surely answer your prayers


  5. You will give birth very soon do not worry


  6. God will answer your prayers ooooooooooo


  7. remilekun okesanjo // September 7, 2016 at 8:36 am // Reply

    God almighty will answer ur prayers it is well don’t yu worry God will bless yu dis year we shaa laugh a joyfull one 4 yu in Jesusname amen


  8. Amen, my sister. Let mercy of God be upon u. IJN. God has granted u a baby boy. Claim it.


  9. This year God Almighty will surprise you and will conceive and deliver your baby safely. I wish you all the best Funke. Ogede ki gbodo koya gan.


  10. My sister, God said one boy & two girls are ur kids. Please, glorify God as it come to pass. Be humble to ur husband and people around you. Be calm & aware of the blessings coming. Seek peace in all ur dealings. Jesus is Lord.


  11. U don’t have worm ni


  12. God will give u me


  13. God will answer your prayer


  14. Adesanya ifeoluwa // September 7, 2016 at 10:02 am // Reply

    All the best!!!


  15. Gerrad douglas // September 7, 2016 at 10:03 am // Reply



  16. don’t worry by the power of God u shall hv a child


  17. God will help u


  18. Because you have desired and asked, Almighty God will grant your desire AMEN. your children shall surround your table, you will see your children’s children just believe and Praise Him always


  19. Pastor Bola Ajidagba // September 7, 2016 at 2:57 pm // Reply

    God will grant you your heart desire in Jesus name. Amen


  20. I could not hold back the tears while reading your submission. It is sincerely tears of emphaty as I ponder on how you make people think, act, talk and laugh with ease only to turn to the same people with humility, humble and faith to support you in supplicating to God to grant you his blessings in form of fruit of the womb. I did not only say Ameen as requested but offered special prayers on the same purpose and assure you that the Almighty God, the All knowing, who sees, hears, the wise, who is capable of doing every thing and all things have heard your prayers, our prayers that sooner than expected you will experience the wonders of God, His miracle and feel his mighty. Please I must seek your indulgence, as I am requesting God to grant you a tripplet. Just two males and one female for a start. In sha Allah, all beliveing men and women; all non-beliving men and women shall praise God through the grace in you and would glorify God even the more. I shall be glad to call you Mama Three! So shall it be! Just continue thanking God and praise Him for guiding you towards this path.


  21. Amen…God will do ur heart desire


  22. Wait o, she’s was in age scandal recently (source: Adelove). Maybe she’s really 44 and not 39 or 40, approaching menopause. Maybe that’s why she’s very worried. Inasmuch as we love ur person, Pls don’t push us all to pray when d foundation is shaken. #comeoutclean


  23. Esther Adebanjo // September 7, 2016 at 10:06 pm // Reply

    Funke, you are fruitful in Jesus name, Amen.


  24. As God answered the prayer of Hannah concerning this, God almighty will answer you before this year runs out in Jesus name.


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