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Meet the Hot and Expensive Male Escort Rich Women Pay Over N1m to Have S*x with Them (Photos)

This hot professional male escort whose work is to satisfy rich women in bed makes as much as N1 million just on one person.




A Sydney-based escort Ryan James makes as much as $6,000 (N1m) on a client working as a male escort. The man who works as a professional escort for rich women is enjoying himself.

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Mr James charges from $400 to upwards of $6,000 for his professional services, which can include anything from an hour in a hotel to weekends away.

According to reports, unlike many men who see female escorts, he said that most women aren’t just focused on s*x when they’re booking an escort.

‘Pretty much every single client that I see there’s some companionship element to the booking,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘From what I see, men are more focused on the sexual side of things. Women are focused on the s*x too, they wouldn’t come to see me without it, but we spend a lot of time talking as well.’

Mr James said that most people would be surprised at the range of women he sees as clients.

‘Many of the women I see could easily go to a bar and pick a guy up and have s*x that way,’ he explained. ‘But they want a difference experience.

‘Sometimes it’s that they’ve been recently divorced, or they’re still married but haven’t been intimate in a long time. I’ve had clients who are couples who want a threesome, and women who are virgins.’

7 Comments on Meet the Hot and Expensive Male Escort Rich Women Pay Over N1m to Have S*x with Them (Photos)

  1. Who e epp?


  2. Iranu radarada


  3. That’s bulshit men


  4. What so special him self


  5. Adesanya ifeoluwa // September 7, 2016 at 11:30 am // Reply

    selling thier body


  6. he is making his money dats good


  7. sexy boy he is worth d money u knw


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