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‘Hunger has increased suicide cases in Nigeria’

A former Chaplain of Aso Villa Chapel and General Overseer of All Christians Fellowship Mission, Maitama, Rev. Dr. William Okoye, has expressed concern over the hunger and poverty in the country, which he said had worsened cases of suicide.


He warned that if urgent steps were not taken by the Federal Government, the rate at which people commit suicide because of poverty and hunger could increase.

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According to him, government should listen to the voice of reason and immediately embark on the processes for restructuring the country in line with calls from citizens.

Okoye expressed this during an interview with journalists in Abuja after a message entitled: “The need for a social and cultural security safety net.”

He said, “Yes, Nigeria is in a serious problem now; people are dying and killing themselves because when they come to the end of the road and they don’t have anybody to support or encourage them, they think that the best option is to give up by just killing themselves.

“It shouldn’t be happening in our society where we have responsible citizens; we should reduce that (suicide). We can’t be talking about government, government and government.

“The government has its roles to play but we all as individuals should also have our roles to play and when each of us take responsibility to play our roles in our own little ways and corners, those things add up to bring the stability we believe God for.

“I read the newspapers everyday and I watch news everyday. And not only that, there are many that you cannot capture because of where they happen. There are a lot of that (suicide) happening and if nothing is done as a way of intervention, which is one of the reasons why we decided to do this, the rate will increase.

“Even if it is one person that will be saved as a result of this message, it’s worth it. But we are praying and doing whatever we can do to see that we get out of this as soon as possible.”

He suggested that the government should respect the demands for the restructuring of the country.

“I believe that Nigeria should be restructured, I believe that, and a lot of well-meaning and respected individuals in our nation, have said the same thing and any government that is responsible should listen to the people. The nation needs to be opened up so that people don’t suffocate.”

9 Comments on ‘Hunger has increased suicide cases in Nigeria’

  1. That is what APC has cause us


  2. That is the change they promise us


  3. Buhari there is God oooooooo


  4. Buhari is a bad luck to Nigeria


  5. Buhari and his advisers care less whether Nigerians die of Suicide or Hunger. They want Nigerians to know they are suffering for the past people they elected to govern. Its Nigerians that need to change before they ask for change. Nigeria should blame looters. Its not their wahala. God is in heaven.


  6. Yes people are suffering now due to the fact that, the economy is in a bad shape but the change we are talking about is not a miracle, gradually things will better
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless pmb


  7. Since the government of APC careless for the citizens. My advise for the citizens is to go back to God in prayers. If you are pushed to the wall don’t succor to the spirit of suicide bcoz it’s double wahala for you after death. You kill yourself, you are a murderer and your soul will end hell fire. Don’t despise little beginning. Even if you are hungry try and pray to God. God who rained down manner, parted the red Sea, destroy pharaoh and it’s army, God who kept you alive till this time. What can He not do, He is the God of the universe, Almighty God ooooo. He’s a sufficient God. Result back to God. Call unto God for his help. Turn to God for his help. Animal don’t pray to God, yet God provides for them, bird don’t pray, angel to pray but we humanity is for God. God is ready to hear our prayer. But we must repent 1st and confess all our sins also we forsake them all through the Blood of.the Son of.God shed on Cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ, Messiah, Good Shepherd, Almighty, Wonderful, King of kings, Lord of Lord, Lion Tribe of Judah., will supply all our needs.
    So Nigeria should not kill themselves again. It’s double punishment when you kill your self. Demons will torment you in hell fire. There no place for a murderer in heaven. If you doubt it it’s just like God opening door of heaven for Cain, for Boko haram, for terrorist for them to come.and live in heaven. It means they will murdered all the people in heaven. So this can never happens so that’s why you should not kill yourself. It’s demons of suicide deceiving people to kill themselves


  8. Why didn’t Rev Okoye offer his advice when members of the last regime where busy looting the public fund from left,right and centre
    He purposely remained silent during this tragic period so that he can continue to enjoy the perks of Aso Rock chaplaincy
    Jesus castigated even his closest associates,but people of the world will close their eyes to the transgressions of their friends and relatives


  9. The best thing Buhari should do now is to apologise to Nigerians and resign


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