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Nigerian students shine at Mathematics Olympiad in South Africa

Two students of the Greensprings Schools, Lagos, made Nigeria proud recently, when they emerged winners at the Mathematic Olympiad held in far away South Africa. While 14-year old Ebbah Wyse won the Gold Medal in the junior category, Chidera Anakua, also 14-year old, clinched the Bronze Medal in the same category.


Ebbah’s journey to a gold medal position at the Mathematics Olympiad was not an easy ride. He, alongside some of his peers, participated in the first round of the Olympiad on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in two main categories. The junior category, where participated, consists of two separate papers for grade 8 (Year 9) and grade 9 (Year 10). In the first round, he got 90%, while one of his equally brilliant peers Chidera Anakua scored 85%. By virtue of scoring at least 50%, thirty students from Greensprings School eventually qualified for Round Two.

At the end of the Nigerian finals, which was held on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, Ebbah Wyse and Chidera Anakua both won gold and bronze medals in the junior category, which gave them qualification to join the top 100 Mathematics Students in the world in the grand-finale held in Pretoria, South Africa, where they got Gold and Bronze respectively.

The yearly Mathematics competition is organised by the South African Mathematics Foundation. Established in 2004, the foundation aims at creating a mathematically enabling environment, which provides opportunities for all learners to develop to their fullest potential.

According to the Head of Corporate Strategy for Greensprings, Uche Ogbu, the outcome of the South African Mathematics Olympiad has proven that Greensprings Schools is a cocoon for metamorphosing Albert Einsteins and Isaac Newtons.

“We are proud to announce them to the world as, mathematics champions of Africa. Greensprings School has been the natural habitat of a pantheon of very brilliant and excellent students over the years; our students have once again made Nigeria proud,” he said.

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