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Popular Nigerian Actress Threatens to Murder Fan Over Offensive Comment…See Details (Photos)

A Nigerian actress has been dragged into another controversy as she has threatened to murder a fan over an offensive comment.

Nigerian actress, Daniella Okeke


The picture that caused the controversy: Daniella posing with her mother


Nneka Mokobia Ikeomumu, the woman Okeke threatened to kill









Popular Nigerian actress, Daniella Okeke has threatened to murder a fan over a comment she perceived to be offensive directed at the actress’ mother. She made the threat on Instagram after a fan left what she saw as a derisive comment.

Trouble started after Okeke posted a beautiful photo showing her posing with her mom. Her fans were leaving interesting comments when all of a sudden, Nneka Mokobia Ikeomumu using the instagram handle @nekkiz1 wrote what many thought was a ‘push-aside-comment’.

“Choima go get her a ride? Stop fooling ur self here biko! I saw her in warri treeking.” Ikeomumu wrote.

The simple comment appeared to be admonishing the actress to do her mother a favour by gifting her a car as the fan lamented the stress the woman must have passed through after she allegedly saw her trekking in Warri, Delta State.

That was all Okeke needed to attack and threaten her while calling some of her friends come to her aid.

Okeke wrote:”@nekkiz1 u re a fool cos if u know my mum very well u know she has a toyota jeep I bought 4 her.. @hotnikkle she dis big fool o lol.”

Then she added, “@nekkiz1 cum u can talk abt me and say any shit but if u come 2 my mum I will murder you idiot.”

The war of words going on on her Instagram page has left many in fear as the actress’ friends have bombarded the girl with incentives.

Okeke is known in the industry for her massive backside which distinguishes her from many. In 2013, she starred as “Joke” in Lagos Cougars, a role that earned her a nomination for the Best Actress in a Leading Role nomination at both the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards and 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

6 Comments on Popular Nigerian Actress Threatens to Murder Fan Over Offensive Comment…See Details (Photos)

  1. That’s too rude of her


  2. Some fans sef can make person talk nonsense.. must she comment


  3. Her palavar


  4. Person who owns a car do not trek again? Abi, the car hi dey for the person nose wey you go dey see am everi time see the person pass? And you sef; you go murder e? for inside twitter, facebook, Istagram, youtude or television? Your mouth or twitter handle, hi drive rough!!! U and the other woman get issues before?


  5. Expensive threat. Could get her behind bars


  6. So what is wrong with trekking even if one owns the world


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