1. This woman love publicity too much, because the Government has been trying not to exposed all her atrocity during her husband in office and Now she trying to put herself forward for it and am very sure that she will be dealt with accordingly

  2. Let’s watch, Ashia own go worse pass. Where did IBB son got the millions of dollars to take 33% share in Glo communication. Small boy compared with Mrs Jonathan. Buhari u are funny but I like ur style as you are setting the tone for future president. Don’t be one sided, keep on. U cannt be there for ever and the north can nt be there forever. May allah bless as the country will change settings from ur hand.

  3. Madam didn’t know stealing is corruption.Now with the emergence of change she ought to plead for clemency and surrender the loot rather than engage in misbegotten litigations.

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