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Ezekwesili Digs Up Controversial 2014 APC Tweet About Missing Chibok Girls

The controversial 2014 tweet by the All Progressives Congress lambasting the past government of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan over the missing Chibok Girls.



Former Minister of Education and Bring Back Our Girl’s advocate, Oby Ezekwesili is not backing out in her quest to see that the government of Muhammadu Buhari live up to expectations and promises it made concerning the missing Chibok Girls.

Oby has gone into the archive to dig up this controversial tweet showing the perceived double standard of the All Progressive Congress led government about the missing Chibok girls in 2014, just before the 2015 election.

“It’s hours to New Year celebration. Our #ChibokGirls aren’t home yet. If you talk about it, they label you ‘opposition’. Things must CHANGE,” APC Tweeted in 2014.

Oby replied; “@APCNigeria. Remember this your Dec 2014 tweets on #ChibokGirls? Would be comical were it not a REAL TRAGEDY˜�

The government of Buhari has been heavily criticized after reports emerged that the police imposed a ban BBOG advocacy group from holding its protests and campaigns in Abuja which forced many to raise alarm over the dictatorial nature of the government.

6 Comments on Ezekwesili Digs Up Controversial 2014 APC Tweet About Missing Chibok Girls

  1. Hired, used and dumped

    That’s apc for you


  2. if apc is this deceitful, pdp isnt any better. the reputation of pdp preceedes them. all we need is a new generation of leaders with the fear of God in them to deliever this country from the rot brought by its past leaders.


  3. just passing by


  4. We have seen this before, by the time Ezekwesili gets what she is looking for she will go to rest. Femi Fanikayode is a very good example. We have learnt our lessons we can not be deceived again.


  5. But why did APC refuse to give Aunty Oby Job? Why?


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