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Death toll in Tanzania earthquake reaches 16

The death toll from the earthquake that struck northwest Tanzania at the weekend has risen to 16, the government said on Monday as smaller aftershock hit the area.


There were however no immediate reports of damage from the second tremor. The first shock, in the Kagera region on Saturday, measured 5.7 and injured 253 people in addition to those killed.

Initial reports had put the death toll at about 10 people.

“Thousands of people have been left homeless as a result of this disaster,” the prime minister’s office said on Monday in a statement.

The statement added that 840 houses were destroyed and 1,264 others were damaged by cracks.

The Information Ministry said a second “smaller earthquake” hit Kagera late on Monday, without giving the magnitude.

“But there are no reports of any serious damage,” the ministry said.

President John Magufuli has postponed a visit to neighbouring Zambia to take charge of the government’s relief efforts, the presidency said in a statement.

3 Comments on Death toll in Tanzania earthquake reaches 16

  1. This is dem serious


  2. What a disaster


  3. too bad


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