Don’t treat critics of your government as enemies – Cleric tells Buhari

A clergyman and Senior Pastor at the Shepherd House International church, Rev. Joshua Talena, Sunday, advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to take critics of his administration as enemies, stressing that the president should rather make critical amendments that will improve the country.


He admonished president not to attack such people but learn from them in order to become better.

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Talena, who spoke during the service to celebrate media practitioners in Abuja added that Mr. President should stop seeing critics as enemies but humble himself to receive divine solutions to the country’s problems.

Criticism according to him is meant to help leaders become better and find solutions.

He said, ”The leadership of Nigeria is not humble to seek solution,they are not accessible for advice. Most times, my enemies give me more of the information I need to become better. So my advice to the president is not to attack people who criticise your policies, learn from your critics to become better. By so doing, we will get out of the recession.”

“The leadership of Nigeria must be humble before the nation can have a turnaround adding that the leaders must have a heart of God and make themselves available to God,” he said

Talena praised Nigerian media but said it must do more in holding the leaders accountable. He called on all Christians in the media to seek divine guidance in order to flourish in the recession.

He said: ”There has always been famine in the bible but people have been able to come out through divine guidance, I am asking all media practitioners to ask God for idea and innovation and through that we will soon come out of the recession.”

He said if the media had done more in holding leaders to their words, Nigeria will not be in recession.

“The media should stand for the truth no matter the pressure, the government spent $16b on electricity, we didn’t hold them accountable, media should change tactics and come out with a system that will change this nation.”

On the Change Beings from me initiative of the Federal Government, he said there is a lot of corruption in the system but the change in individuals is the most important factor in bringing out the change promised by the government.



  1. Prof. Soyinka during Abacha’s era stated: “In the absence of constructive criticism, tyranny strives, and Luftanian tendencies shall become unavoidable” What was the lesson? Abacha with full blown Military dictatorial governance and refusing to listen and see every contrary opinion as enemy and must be crushed led all Nationalities in this country to set-up Militia that have caused destabilization of the Country Unity.
    Yoruba set up OPC led by Gani Adams and recruited Militia men who were trained to fight. They often come out whenever there are issues to fight and kill particularly in Lagos up to date.
    Ibo – Had their Bakassi boys ready to fight for liberation. Ijaws had their Ikpesu boys ready for fight to defend their territory.
    Hausa -Fulani AREWA Youths which are mostly of the Almajiri, able bodied beggars at the disposer of their leaders to kill and maim in the North, and they are at it to date in the name of Islam. Several other groups, Edo Benin, etc. all had their armed groups.
    All these militia groups were formed as a result of Abacha’s totalitarian dictatorship which ended by natural intervention, he died. These groups became redundant, and in other to be relevant, pockets of troubles started in various places all over the country.
    If Buhari starts to fight opposition or critics with the instruments of Government to suppress and label people as economic saboteurs and criminal charges that cannot be proved and kept people in detention, he is not far away from the detest Abacha. We hear of emergency powers being asked by the President.
    For political fanatics, criticism helps to sharpen and improve governance. If everybody turns jombees and Oh Yes people, we shall get nowhere, and as it crime, it will increase in proportion to tolerance.
    Prime Minister Mugbabe was the darling of all Namibians when he started; but when he began policies of hate and intolerance as with Buhari, the Ex-Liberation Fighters like APC fanatics were his instrument to quell all oppositions or any dissenting voice in Namibia. Now, he is on the neck of all. He is has become monster, and the ex-liberation fighters have left him. But he has grown too mighty by constitutional powers and hard nut to crack. So, the supporters of APC who are seeing nothing wrong with everything of the PMB government should know that constructive critics are the best friends of the Government. And for Buhari, he is the Mighty Masquerade for now. Praise Singers and Boot linkers are the very best of enemies of any government could have all over the world. Be careful. Their praises will leave you at a point of no return after you must have served their purposes they themselves would not like to undertake on their own. Particularly, the use of Federal Might to destroy further the criminally marginalized and denied people of the Niger Delta by the Nigeria state for 62yearas.

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