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Mother, two sons die in inferno after the bid to save the kids failed

A 42-year-old mother, Blessing Arigi-Osakwe, lost her life on Sunday to injuries sustained, while attempting to save her two children from an inferno in Sokoto State.


The two children also lost their lives after the bid to save them by their courageous mother failed. While the two children were recovered dead from the incident, which happened at the early hours of Saturday in their house along Trade Fair, Old Airport area of Sokoto, their mother later died on Sunday.

The fire was said to have been caused by an electrical fault that emanated within the apartment while powering their generating set.

According to an anonymous source, the deceased mother, alongside her husband and two older children had initially escaped from the fire unhurt.

She was, however, said to have later made a brave and desperate attempt to save the younger children who were still trapped inside the burning house.

The two children were identified as her nine-year-old son and nephew. According to eyewitnesses, the burning roof suddenly collapsed on the deceased woman as she attempted taking the children to a safer place.

The remains of the three deceased persons had since been deposited at the morgue of the Usman Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto, while the two other children are receiving treatment

When contacted, the Director-General of the State Fire Service, Alhaji Ibrahim Dingyadi, told NAN that the incident was not reported to the department.

Dingyadi said: “Our personnel only attended to a fire incident along Offa Road, Sokoto on Friday and there was no casualty.” Similarly, Elmustapha Sani, the police spokesman in the state, told NAN that the incident was not reported to the police.

However, the spokesman of the Teaching Hospital, Tijjani Saddique, confirmed the story. Saddique said: “The two children were brought into the Trauma Centre of the hospital on Saturday dead.

“However, their mother died at the hospital on Sunday.”


9 Comments on Mother, two sons die in inferno after the bid to save the kids failed

  1. What a disaster


  2. So painful… what a loss


  3. See what Buhari caused


  4. May their souls rest in peace


  5. Tragedy!!!chai


  6. too bad ,rip


  7. A country that the government is insensitive to its citizens. We all have the right to basic amenities (good roads, electricity and water) but no in our country Nigeria these are unavailable because of corruption. They died becos there was no light. This is a preventable death. Lives are been claimed by the terrible state of our roads. How long we will continue to suffer hardship, how long will people keep loosing their lives becos of d sorry state of our roads,hpe long will we continue to use Gen set and people being exposed to dangers such as this. Gen companies are bribing our leaders so they can keep selling their Gen in our country whereas in their own country they ve light 24hours every day. Why do we hate our selves so much..? Why do our people once they are in office they 4get doing good so dat even the common man can benefit. Power really intoxicate. Pls out leaders change, Stop ur indirect killings of nigerians. Why should we have death traps on our Nigeria roads, why do we have to buy Gen set and keep storing fuel and diesel in the house. U should know fire outbreak can occur. Pls leaders Change, Change so we can ve a friendly environment. All death due to lack of social amenities is caused by the government. They should rest in peace but would ve been tempted to say they should trouble all polluted leaders and those that ve stolen the money met for our roads and electricity.


  8. Adesanya ifeoluwa // September 12, 2016 at 10:51 am // Reply

    Eeya..may God console her


  9. it is well…may they rest in peace


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