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Nigerian Man Caught on Camera Beating Up an Indian Man in Cambodia Goes Viral (Photos+ Video)

Watch a video of a controversial altercation between a Cambodian-based Nigerian man and an Indian man which led to a bitter fight is currently trending on social media.




A Cambodian-based Nigerian identified as Harry, who is the owner of Alascospice Entertainment and Events in the Phnom Penh area of the country, reportedly bought a plane ticket from an Indian expat and didn’t pay fully for it and when the Indian guy exposed him online, the Nigerian guy came to his place of business and roughed him up.

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It was gathered that led to the altercation was an embarrassing public post the Indian man made online about Harry, describing him as a cheat. This then led to a fight between both parties which ended up with the Nigerian man beating the Indian severely.

According to reports, after the video of the beating made rounds on social media, Harry contacted the person who shared it to explain his side of the story.

He said;

“Hi. I read your post and here’s what truly happened. I booked a flight for a friend via Kumar the Indian guy. It’s $340! I paid him $100 first and deposited computer and I promise to pay him off. I pleaded with him severally and assured him of his money. He chose to do a post to embarrass me publicly as he rightly said. I saw d post and called him why he did that and he was full of insults cursing me on phone and it’s not d first time.

“I felt like he had something against me and just looking for opportunity to take revenge at me. I have never cheated anyone and i work so hard to get to where i am now. This man is not truthful to you. YES! I regret punching him but that was due to anger which he caused because he really pushed me. I also expected that you should have made effort to reach me to hear my side of it. Currently he has my computer. I told him to wait to this Friday when i get paid at work then i pay him off.

“Ask him if any these are just stories i cooked up. Is owing someone money and be available to talk and made arrangement to payback a scam? I would like you to do what’s right on this post. He threatened me with police million times like i was running away with his money. He sees me and i constantly asked him to wait till I can pay off and Friday is just 48 hours away. My name is Harry and I approve of this message. Feel free to write me if necessary.”

Below is the Indian man’s side of the story:

“This guy Harry spice, owner of Alascospice Entertainment and Events booked a flight ticket from my company and failed to pay the money after I issued the ticket and he ran away. When tried his phone it was not reachable.

“Now it’s been one month already and not yet pay. Today 7th of Sep, i posted a post regarding this on his page. After seeing this he came to my shop and started hitting me as if I owe him the money. So this guy is very dangerous. I have already complaint to the local police officer and we have the copy of the complaint and i am posting the cctv footage also with this. He has threatened to kill me also.”

4 Comments on Nigerian Man Caught on Camera Beating Up an Indian Man in Cambodia Goes Viral (Photos+ Video)

  1. Nigerians always in the news for all the wrong reasons.


  2. When will pple learn to stop being violent


  3. Since the stupid Indian has reported to local police, why didn’t he allow them to resolve it rather than exposing Harry on social media. It served him right. A “run-away” man can’t be available in your shop as u claimed. Next time, you will learn to respect Nigerians.


  4. Stop blaming Nigerians on every 2 parties brawl. Not because of the bad image that the country has already outside. We get cheated so many times and no one sees that.


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