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Fear Them! 5 Types of Ladies You Must Never Try to Sleep With

If you really care for your life and future, then you must avoid this type of girls and never dare sleep with them.


Do you want to live long as a guy? Then, be very watchful never to have anything with this type of women as they may ruin your future if you sleep with them.

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1. Users
These girls exchange s*x for money, gifts, fancy restaurants, shopping trips, etc. Well, it might be a good trait, if all you want from her is s*x.

So, if that’s how you view her, go for it, but be prepared to pay! And do not complain that money is all she is after. That’s true!

2. A busy girl
She is never single. There is no time between the guys she has. She breaks up with one and the next day gets another.

Here is what a psychologist says about such people:

“Those who are always in relationships have no sense of who they are as an individual. They easily become co-dependent.”

3. Party girl
She is never sober. She jumps from one man to another. You risk catching an STD from such a lady or getting yourself in trouble over her.

In most cases, these girls have s*x only when they are drunk. It’s the riskiest intercourse you can have.

4. Insecure
This first type can easily agree to have s*x. However, once they do, they get so attached to you. Unless you have the intention to marry the woman, do not sleep with her.

Breaking up with such a girl might be very troublesome. Her self-esteem is low. She painfully takes any measure of rejection.

So, if you do not enjoy hysterics, stay away from such ladies.

5. Unprotected s*x lover
You may care nothing for her health or safety, but you surely care for yours. So, if she mentions a willingness to have it, think twice!

If you do not want complications in your life, avoid such girls.

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  1. That is very good one Adelove watch out for the lady


  2. Well observed


  3. Nice one, well noted


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