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PDP did nothing for 16 years – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says the Peoples Democratic Party which ruled Nigeria for 16 years, accomplished nothing.


Buhari said this while addressing journalists in Daura on Monday after attending Eid prayers, according to a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr. Garba Shehu.

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He said, “I want Nigerians to realise that what this government inherited after 16 years of the PDP government was no savings, no infrastructure, no power, no rail, no road and no security.”

The President, however, argued that within a year, his government was able to crush Boko Haram.

He said he had intensified the war against corruption as those who diverted public funds had started returning the money.

The President further maintained that his war against corruption was not one-sided.

Buhari said, “Nigerians can see what we have done on Boko Haram and what we are doing to resolve the problem in the Niger Delta. Before the elections, we identified three major problems confronting our country.

“The first is security; we need to sufficiently secure our country to manage it well. The second is economy, especially job for the youths and fighting corruption which is continuous.

‘‘For the youths, graduates and non-graduates who are interested in agriculture, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the CBN are doing something to provide employment for them.”

The President thanked Nigerians for supporting the Federal Government’s policies, programmes and actions aimed at improving security, revamping the economy and combating corruption.

‘‘We should thank God this year, the reports I’m getting, which is very pleasing, is that we will have a bumper harvest this year.

President Buhari is observing this year’s Eid holiday in his native home in Daura, Katsina State and will return to Abuja after the two-day public holiday.

8 Comments on PDP did nothing for 16 years – Buhari

  1. As much as I love you sir, people are beginning to turn. People are hungry even if the money for their food was stolen by someone in the past. They just want you to provide another money for them to eat first, and then you can chase the robber. That is the country you are running. Instant gratification. They want it now and right now. We are a generation of the biblical Israelites. They are asking you Mr. president, what have you done for me lately?


  2. 2019 is close by Mr. President. You keep this up, you and your government will get a rude awakening from the Nigerian people. Blame game all the time, na wa for this Presido.


  3. We all know that but i will explore you to do something


  4. Exactly my broda do something stop lamenting


  5. absolutely nothing ma brother


  6. We think say na only ear dey pain this man, even the eyes no see. Make him return to London to check his eyes. Blind man self fit know say, some roads were rebuilt/Rail way wey him go open, no bi him time dem built the lines. Blind man self fit feel some smoothness when he enter motor travelling on some of our roads wey bad before. A beg doctor for London, Check the Baba Brain too o! If eye no see, ear no hear, other senses supposed to let him know say, dem do some things.


  7. bt we enjoyed the Govt


  8. Adesanya ifeoluwa // September 13, 2016 at 10:13 am // Reply

    The economic was better than now


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