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Attention!!! Dear Men, Here’s Why You Should Not Eat “Okro”

Okro, also known as the “ladies finger” is a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is very nutritious as it is highly rich in carbohydrate, vitamins, water, and protein.


But studies have shown that it may be dangerous to men as it can cause infertilty. Okro has aunique substance called “GOSSYPOL”. Gossypol inhibits sperm production and motility by blocking several enzymews that are highly important in energy metabolism in sperm and sperm producing cells.

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Gossypol has been used as a male contraceptive for years in china. some clinical research were conducted in regards the effectiveness of gossypol as a contraceptive in 1986 and 1990 in china and Brazil respectively. The studies showed that gossypol lowered the number and motility of sperms and made small percentage of men infertile permanently.

Gossypol may also cause menstrual irregularity in women. it has also been linked to hypokalemia and also damage to red blood cells leading to heamolytic anaemia.

Conclusively, Okro in higher amount is not recommended in people with following conditions:

Anaemic people. Athletes.

Women who complains of irregular menses.

Infertile men undergoing medical investigation and treatment.

8 Comments on Attention!!! Dear Men, Here’s Why You Should Not Eat “Okro”

  1. Adoleve take note


  2. Very interesting one


  3. Noted


  4. too bad okoro is one of ma best


  5. Toyin Kolawole // September 14, 2016 at 5:13 pm // Reply

    Could this be another conspiracy theory? I have read at some point that okra is indeed good for sperm formation. So which is which? And come to think of it: traditional folks, energetic farmers of those days and the like ate okra and had large virile families, purposely for farm labor in those days. So how do we now reconcile these new findings? Or could it be that cases are treated in isolation? We need to know how and where the okra analyzed were grown? Were they grown organically? Were they genetically modified organisms (GMO) based? How about the medical history of those used as guinea pigs for the experiments? Or maybe there were no guinea pigs or experiments. Has it been confirmed that the naturally occurring Gossypol in okra (if that is the true case) has the same damaging effect as the isolated one associated with infertility in humans? I suspect some fowl play somewhere, though. My grand parents and parents ate okra and other greens all their lives. They were prolific and superbly healthy. Of course my grand mum passed away at the age of 100+. It is indeed difficult to understand the confusion that the modern day science continues to introduce to common people now-a-days. My postulation is that a time will come when nothing will be safe to eat again!


  6. @Toyin. Sound critique. Same questions on my mind begging for answers


  7. Me too!


  8. Toyin infact the doctor here in Port Harcourt also told me to take Okro to improve my sperm quality


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