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Most of our political leaders are illuminati members, making way for anti-Christ – Fani-Kayode

Former Spokesman to Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organization, Femi-Fani Kayode has lashed out at political leaders, saying most of them are members of cult groups.


In a Facebook post, the former Aviation Minister alleged that some of the leaders belong to the occult group called, “Illuminati” which is out to create the way for “anti-Christ.”

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He wrote: “Members of the public know nothing about their political leaders. And it is worldwide phenomenon.

“There is a grand conspiracy to establish a New World Order and most of these world leaders are just puppets of the illuminati, paving the way for the Anti-Christ.

“All u have to do us to be in the inner circles of power for one hour to know that these creatures are not human.

“They are cold, unfeeling and callous. They kill, maim and destroy at the drop of a hat.

“There are many secrets that some of us will carry to the grave.

“They say knowledge is power and ignorance comes with a very heavy price and devastating consequences.

“This matter is for developed and enlightened minds and sadly beyond most people.

“The so-called Islamic agenda in Nigeria and elsewhere is obvious and we are here fighting it day and night risking life, liberty and limb.

“The question is who is behind it and why? What is the end game? The motto of a small branch of the illuminati tree known as the Freemasons is “out of chaos comes order”.

“It follows that theirs is to first create chaos from country to country and then to estasblish their ‘new world order’,” FFK wrote.

8 Comments on Most of our political leaders are illuminati members, making way for anti-Christ – Fani-Kayode

  1. There Is Nothing Politicians Can Not Do In Their Life,they Tound To Pastor,they Can Tound Enything The Wish For Selfish Intrese


  2. FFK is also a full time member. He know. He is only deceiving himself assuming Christian posture


  3. Why are you telling us this now


  4. How did you know all this, you are also a culprit


  5. FFK, being a member should know themselves, I am not surprised, one bit, as they will be exposing themselves one after the other!


  6. Please can anybody who knows FFK help us tell him to keep quiet and stop irritating us all the time!!!!


  7. Anyone in politic is an anti-christ


  8. Judgment will follow. God is the final judge. All is VANITY.


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