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Recession: Sack your economic team, NLC tells Buhari

Leadership of the Ekiti chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to take critical  actions that would make his change agenda impact  positively on the lives of Nigerians.


The labour group urged Buhari to urgently rejig  his economic team so that his much publicised and propagated  change mantra  won’t end like a mere slogan without any positive effect on the lives of citizens.

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Chairman of the state chapter of  NLC, Comrade Ade Adesanmi  said this in his Sallah message to Muslims in Ado Ekiti, yesterday.

Adesanmi also said what Buhari promised Nigerians before the March 28, 2015 presidential poll was an eldorado that wouldn’t take time to come.

“President Buhari campaigned in all the 36 states of the Federation and what he promised us was life full of peace and abundance.

“However, the president has been able to give us peace by way of tackling Boko Haram insurgents while he has also taken  decisive actions against militancy in the Niger Delta, but, the issue of the receding economy as shown in the skyrocketing prices of goods and services and job losses by Nigerians are worrisome.

“President Buhari did not promise that  a bag of rice,  which was sold for N9,000 will be sold for N40,000.

“He didn’t promise that a bag of cement which was sold for N1,500 will be sold for N2,500 within one year he assumed office. He didn’t promise that a litre of petrol which cost N87 will be jacked up to N145, among other food items which prices have jumped up in four folds.

“The APC-led Federal Government must look beyond its party to solving our economic problems. We suggest that president Buhari rejig his economic team.

“He must make changes before things get out  of hands.

“As much as we align with the idea of relying on Nigerian products to grow our economy, we disagree with the idea of total ban placed on some food items to allow internal production of such commodity.

“Of particular reference, the federal government should lift the ban placed  on rice importation and set a minimum of three years to allow for internal  production of rice before effecting the ban. This, I think, will be the best way for Nigeria to get out of the famine ravaging the land.

Adesanmi, who appealed to Muslims to continue to co-exist peacefully with their Christian brothers, called on politicians to stop politicising the economic recession that is hitting the masses.

“This is the time for sober reflection and not a time to apportion blames. We have a problem at hand that is affecting very Nigerian, both high and low and the best way to get out of it is to make good suggestions that will be in the interest of all Nigerians rather than making political capital out of an unfortunate situation”, Adesanmi advised.

7 Comments on Recession: Sack your economic team, NLC tells Buhari

  1. Infact everybody should be sacks, but NOT Fashola


  2. Yes ooo he should Fashola he doing well


  3. Mr President don hear you people ooo


  4. Exactly… that’s the best solution


  5. if that will solve the suitation


  6. No wahala


  7. Where do you want to get the Dollars to import the rice? Please, there is no peace in the Country. They promised within 3-6month in office, Boko Haram will be completely destroyed. Now, we are into 1year and 4months. They are still bombing some areas to date. From the investigations and looting of Arms funds by Fulani-Hausa Soldiers, it was clear, the fight against Boko Haram was sabotaged by these Officers who were in the army to fight Boko Haram all along. This was clear, when the former President have consulted and agreed with neighboring countries our fight with Boko Haram will affect in line with International law, fought them only in six (6)weeks after the postponement of elections. Boko Haram could not bomb anywhere in the North until the elections were over.
    Economic team is not the problem. The Man Buhari is the cause. He is holding the money in TSA, did not spend money for anything other than salaries for over 1year. And Government is the biggest spender, and when government stops spending, and was only accumulating the money, nothing will work. That was what led to the economic collapse. Even though, the fall in Oil price would have adverse effects on the economy, it would not have gotten to this level. During Abacha tenure, Oil price had fallen to $7.00 per barrel. Agreed, cost of production was not as high as now, when Oil Companies decided to go Offshore to drill some of their Oil well in the land through and expensive process of Horizontal drilling, all in their bid not to allow Oil producing Communities to enjoy employment opportunities. And two, fly their brothers from lagos they have employed instead of the nearest possible take off points that may take 15minutes, but chose 3hours in the Air travel.
    The greatest undoing of the Buhari administration is the blame culture of previous governments and failing to looking into what they can do to take the economy forward.
    There is no way a man looking only backwards will run fast. Comments on the Hand over notes of the previous government was sufficient. From then on, do things differently to show that they are better. But rather, ridiculing themselves, and lately, the President on Monday say the most ridiculous statement that “he inherited nothing” and started counting from road, electricity, hospital, agriculture, railway etc.
    Persons like this have shown complete falsehood to ordinary on-looker and it is shameful. Only persons who have established record of performance will acknowledge the good performance of others. This of course, Raji Fashola (SAN) had recognized on works done on the Nigerian road network. Aba, Buhari, shame for us small!!! The railway from Kano to Abuja, Lagos to Kano, was it your government when the latter was being test ran even during GEJ era for commissioning?


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