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Pastor Commits Suicide After Sending Photos of His P*nis to Church WhatsApp Group

A pastor who ended up completely embarrassed after sending photos of his private part to a wrong place has found an easy way out of his misery.


The pastor identified as Letsego of South Africa, has killed himself.

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The Limpopo Pastor committed suicide after he sent pictures of his p*nis to his church Whatsapp Group.

According to reports, Pastor Letsego of Christ Embassy who is married thought he was sending the picture to his lover, who happens to be a member of the same church.

To make matters worse he even went on to caption it “wife is away, its all yours tonight”.

He then realised his mistake after having hit the send button with congregants expressing shock and outrage over the mishap.

The Pastor is alleged to have immediately exited the group and stopped answering his calls. He was found 24 hours later hanging in his rented church house.

“Pastor’s antics have always been a cause for concern, he was always seen in the company of one of the deacons named Miriam and we suspected there was more to their friendship than meets the eye.

“Quizzed by his wife and congregants, he would shrug off the allegations and say as a Pastor he was a father to everyone and Miriam was his favourite Daughter,” said one of pastor Lesego’s congregants who refused to be named.

Efforts to get a comment from Christ Embassy Officials were fruitless at the time of of this report.

9 Comments on Pastor Commits Suicide After Sending Photos of His P*nis to Church WhatsApp Group

  1. Jesus is lord


  2. God have mercy


  3. Double whala for him dead body


  4. Everyday for d thief ,but only one day for d owner.Dts how almighty God will continue to expose all of dem who hide under d work of God to perpetrate evil.may he burn in he’ll.


  5. So sad a story. You might not be the worst sinner. God is a merciful God. Suicide shouldn’t have be the option. But since you have taken the worst decision ever. My prayer is God will take care of your family


  6. Another soul.calimed by devil. Oh no Mr young man. You wouldn’t have killed yourself. It’s so pathetic. He’s already suffering in hell. Let’s put aside the fornication. He killed himself. He’s a murderer. There’s no place for a murderer in heaven. Pls let us work out our Salvation with tremble and fear


  7. That is what happens when you live double and fake life.


  8. May God grant him forgiveness through the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. God, please take care of the family and congregation he left behind. Amen
    RIP Pastor


  9. Ur sin(s) shall find u out… whether u believe it or not. Repent of ur Hipocrisy b4 itz too late.


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