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PDP will produce Saraki’s replacement – Rivers lawmaker

Robinson Dumnamene, a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, says the former ruling party has a good chance to return to power in 2019.

The member of the House of Representatives, whose election, along with others from Rivers State was cancelled, said what party bigwigs should do was to drop individual differences and work for common good ahead of the next general election.

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“PDP has a very clear chance in 2019. What we need to do as a party is to get PDP bonded,” he told Newsmen.

“I can tell you authoritatively that a whole lot of those people you see in the APC today will definitely return to the PDP. This is because they can’t find what they expected to see in the APC.

“With what is happening in the government of the APC at the national level, with a little more work, PDP will take back power in 2019”, he stated.

On the trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Dumnamene said the PDP would capitalize on the issue to produce the next president of the Senate.

“It is very possible. But looking at the issue of Saraki, you will no doubt see that there is so much political undertone. Those are the things we talk about in this country – political witch hunt.

“Look at the so called fight against corruption, it is skewed. Saraki did not emerge the Senate President from the mainstream APC. With what is going on now, one can say that there is witch hunt.

“Crimes that had been committed many years ago are being brought up now. Whichever way it goes, the PDP caucus in the Senate is very organized and focused and has what it takes to produce the next Senate President”, he added.

11 Comments on PDP will produce Saraki’s replacement – Rivers lawmaker

  1. PDP should just do that abeg


  2. APC is a failure


  3. Crime that had been committed long ago r been brought up now quoted by idiot law maker. God help this country


  4. Same crime committed by tinubu and all other political office holders. It is ignorance if you think Saraki is the only politician with falsified record. Who is free?
    Till today the president is not able to declare his asset publicly. It means something is wrong with it.


  5. good one bt no mistake dis time ,plsss


  6. A PDP cheiftain made a terrible re- mark saying Saraki is charged for a crime he has commited a longtime. So to PDP and their surporters, an office commited years a go does not worthy revisit.
    May God save the nation from our irrationality.


  7. There are a pretty lot of daydreaming lunatics within the rank and file of PDP
    This guy,Robinson from Rivers state, seems to be the head of those lunatics


  8. Ibrahim shehu // September 15, 2016 at 9:33 am // Reply

    Where has saraki been?


  9. It does not matter who and which party that produce the Senate but electing the right person to take over from Saraki here is ko ko


  10. PDP has expired. APC is best before 2019. We need a fresh party with young and fresh minds. The outcome of the next election will take everybody by surprise.


  11. Robinson the dreamer!.He is still talking about a dead party.A party that Sheriff is about to burry.A party that the obituary has been pasted and the funeral ceremony to be announced very soon.
    For saraki,i pity Him.He should remembered that new IG is now in power and not Aranse that always shield them against court arrest.Once any proclamation comes against Saraki today,the era that police does not received warrant of arrest is over.


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