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Gigantic Python Swallows Two Goats in Lagos State (Photos)

A social media user has shared disturbing photos of a python that swallowed two big goats before being killed by residents.




As Nigerians will always say; “Wonders shall never end”. Who would have thought a monstrous python snake of this size will be found in an urban street like the Bucknor Okoye street in Jakande, Lagos?

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This mind-boggling report was shared on a popular online forum in Nigeria by a Lagosian who has expressed astonishment with the size of the animal as well as the threat of having other snakes like it within the vicinity of the area.

Read the poster’s words below:

“This happened in my friend’s street. I saw it with my eyes. A python came out from a canal near a woman’s house and entered her goat house, swallowed one pregnant and one male goat. The woman came out in the morning to feed her goats, when she was about to enter the goat house she now saw a big python on the floor. The python could not move again. The woman ran with her both legs shouting.

“All the people in the neighborhood came out. This happened in Bucknor Okoye street in Jakande Lagos. I pity those that always buy land in swampy areas, all in the name of answering a landlord or landlady. To tell u the truth, if those goat were to be little kids sleeping, the python would have swallowed them as well.”

8 Comments on Gigantic Python Swallows Two Goats in Lagos State (Photos)

  1. Jesus is lord, what is this


  2. The rate at which snakes are killed these days. Na wa o.


  3. Chai!! Which kain greedy snake be this


  4. Scary.

    The damn snake was greedy and deserved to die.

    Why swallow two goats at once? It should have eaten the male goat only, and left. Then after some weeks, come back and eat the female goat (after she’s delivered). Then come back after a few weeks to eat the kid.


  5. @henry. So funny response, but i tell you, this is not a funny matter. Gid will deliver us from these killer reptiles


  6. Tank God it didn’t it a human being.


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