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Obama was born in U.S – Trump

The Trump campaign has acknowledged in a statement that President Barack Obama was born in the United States.


The Republican candidate had been a leader of the “birther” movement that questioned Hawaii-born Mr. Obama’s citizenship.

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But his campaign now accuses his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of introducing the “smear” during the 2008 Democratic nomination contest, the BBC reports.

There is no evidence to link Mrs. Clinton to the birthers.

In reaction she tweeted that President Obama’s successor “cannot and will not be the man who led the racist birther movement.”

The BBC reports that the statement signed by senior Trump advisor, Jason Miller, is far from an admission of error.

Mr. Miller, according to the BBC, laid the genesis of the birther rumours wrongfully at the feet of Hillary Clinton and her 2008 presidential campaign team.

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  1. So what


  2. Now you know that


  3. Better you know


  4. This man jes like to dey mis yan


  5. so who ask u


  6. D man & ibu na the same fada


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