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Use your PVCs to sweep out APC’s reign of poverty and suffering – Aigbogun

Former Deputy Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Mr. Levis Aigbogun yesterday asked voters in the state to use their PVCs to reject the APC a party he said symbolises poverty, hardship and declined economic standard.


He spoke at a PDP governorship rally at Uhen in Ovia Northeast local government area that was also used to appreciate the 13 youths from Egbeta community now referred to as OVIA 13, who were recently detained on assorted charges by the state government.

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“APC in Nigeria now symbolises hunger, sickness, poverty, and high cost of prices for all food items like rice and garri and necessities like petrol, kerosene, and electricity. The party has so far only succeeded in bringing about negative change to Nigeria”.

“If a government wins an election, it has a duty to bring about positive changes in the standard of living of the people but in the last one year of the APC government in Nigeria, Nigerians suffered untold hardships like never before,” he said.

Ize-Iyamu who also spoke at the occasion, commiserated with the OVIA 13 over their fate saying that they were picked out for fighting for justice.

“These youths were sent to jail not because they stole or committed any crimes. They were sent to jail because they were fighting for justice, truth and development of their communities but were charged by the APC government unduly”.

Responding to the plea of the sawmillers in the adjourning communities that they were not breaking even because of the multiple taxes being demanded of them by the state government, the PDP governorship candidate assured them of a review of the tax regime if voted into power.

4 Comments on Use your PVCs to sweep out APC’s reign of poverty and suffering – Aigbogun

  1. Yes ooooo APC don fail us


  2. Both of them na same thing


  3. lets hear word jor ,ur reign will b worst than pdp


  4. Na yeye you dey talk. Where una dey wen Igbenedion was doing nothing in Edo State for 8years? He was busy stealing and His Father doing Tolo-Tolo Birthdays all over the World with Edo State money as the god Father.
    Political parties and their leaders complicity to bad governance in States is the surest way to getting themselves out of power as Igbenedion did to PDP.
    PDP would have lost Delta State if there was a credible challenge from a Party other than APC whose campaign at the centre was against the people of the Niger Delta. Bayelsa State Elections that came much later, there could have been a change if a more credible candidate other than an alleged thief who was in Court over fraud of N400Billion of State money. But was cleared by the APC purposely for him to contest the election when there was a capable and proven technocrat available and was vying for the same position.
    The conspirators’ purpose is to undeveloped the state, so, they would not want a Candidate in the Lagos State standard to manage States in the Niger Delta. Otherwise, they will not bring the oil money raw cash for them to share.


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