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Buhari didn’t meet an empty treasury, he inherited $30 billion from Jonathan – Obasanjo

Former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has faulted incumbent President Buhari for claiming he received nothing from the previous administrations.

In an Interview with Frisky Larr, Obasanjo said, “When I assumed office in 1999, I inherited $3.7 billion in reserve, while Buhari met $30 billion, almost 10 times of what I met then, and the price of oil then was $9. When it got to $20, I was dancing.

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“I know the price is down now and with time, it will jump up again. What Buhari is doing currently is preparing ground for Nigeria to take advantage when it goes up again,” he maintained.

Several media reports had previously quoted President Buhari saying he inherited an empty treasury.

15 Comments on Buhari didn’t meet an empty treasury, he inherited $30 billion from Jonathan – Obasanjo

  1. 30 billion dollars is equal to empty treasury according to APC. Ok o.


  2. Can u imagine dat,if not dat dey fire OBJ d secret of empty treasure wll Neva b xpose.GEJ God s wt u,ur enemies wll xposed demsef one by one


  3. Is getting interesting here


  4. So this Buhari dey lies for us abi………


    • How much is $30m?. OBJ is mocking GEJ. Cos mama peace self hv more than dat on her secret account been discovered by efcc recently. $30m is just like 5k, in every politicians account here in Nigeria. David mark, Bukola, udoma, Tinubu, in fact all the strong politician here in Nigeria hv more than that in their account.


      • @adedarsenal u are a complete mugu. Is it $30m or $30b? Olodo, u are so blinded by ur hate that u can’t even read boldly written facts correctly. Shio!


        • Lolz!. Even $30b, hw much is dat, Compare to what you ppl stole?. Anyway, for your information, OBJ has denied the report. The debt on ground after GEJ left ws hw much?. You don’t knw?. Hw many contractor, and subsidy money left. U don’t knw?. He much bail out FG paid to the state?., u never knw, and u can’t knw till u die. Era of stealing his in ur blood. I don’t knw why ur mum born u on Sunday, cos ur name doesn’t match ur character. Calling ppl mugu, olodo, for error, and u like hw first lady stole $30m?. I ll not call u names here, to show maturity in me, Thank you.


  5. Hmmmmmm, we have to be logical here.
    Is Inheriting 2000naira and 2 million naira from a father for a family of 7 the same ? OR
    Is it when you have zero balance in your account you tell people you are broke? C o m m m o o n


  6. How much was the debt he inherited? , because one thing is to inherit debt that is more than your credit it will amount to nothing, I am not saying Buhari has done it well there are still a lot of lapses in this regime, and that is why a bag of rice is being sold for 20k which I am sure if nothing is done by Dec we should expect double. May God help us


  7. Well, what Baba failed to tell us is that Yaradua left about $56bn and GEJ depleted it to $30bn with lots of debts owed to contractors, salaries and emoluments and all this happened when Oil, our man source of Foreign Earning, was at it peak! PDP should please stop speaking.!


  8. @John D, Buhari and his cohorts have continue to lie to Nigerians from campaign time to taking ove and nowr. How many years Yar’Adua Ruled? There is no record of what he left. The Sovereign Wealth Account that accumulated $65Billion was in GEJ era. It was the collusion of Opposition Governors led by Amaechi, Minister of Transport and Oshiomole of Edo state took Federal Government to Court for ever investing the Excess Crude Oil sale proceeds. If you like to blame one man blindly, the money was price above the projected Oil price which was always below the open market price, and excess of total cruel oil sold. This money was invested for the rainy day. But the opposition, now APC said, there is no Constitutional provision to save that money to earn income for all of us. They dragged GEJ to Court to share the money and they reduced it to $30Billion which was handed over to Buhari. You do not read newspapers?. Now, PMB wants to Borrow $10Billion Dollars, about N4trillion Naira. They are all long time loans, who will pay that money? Our future will be mortgaged by this Baba. GEJ left $30Billion Dollars, how much will he leave behind? It will be total Debts in Naira and in Dollars. How much of that $30Billion GEJ left is remaining now? Nothing, despite doing nothing for the past 1year crying and blaming. Hence, we have no Forex $Dollar for importation of raw material and industrial equipment. The change so far seen is crying Government coupled with Lies. Bring the Change, no excuses. Allow people like Fashola to work. He has being doing nothing for almost a year before money was given to him to start doing what he knows best just of recent. The effect cannot be seen for now. Let other sectors also work. Then, we can see some change, but not these continues lies. Wake up. Don’t just support for supporting sake, think.


  9. False equivalencies by Obj. He is not being sincere here, he is leaving much info out of this comment.


  10. APC lies. We’re getting used to it.


  11. Anyway, i was not surprised on the present happening, lies, complaining and excuses. because i know they APC government cannot delivere anything to Nigeria, Infact let the PMB go and probe the forex market, who are the people behind it?, are they not his people?, who are the people that has ruined Nigeria down is it not his people?, again, who are the owners of Nigeria oil blocks, and banana island structure and buildinds, parkview estate and many more , his people .

    Please let everyone open their eyes and allow the truth to flow before they talk. When u accused an ninnocent person any how with lies, the truth will only expose the one telling lies.
    So lets keep our finger crossed and watch as the truth keep unfolding, stage by state and face by face.
    The 4 years of APC, might amount to nothing than degrading the country in all ways.


  12. Governing is not easy o. Price of crude that falls had serious impact on do called $30B Dollars couple with Militant bumping here and there. Lots of Debt owning workers,salaries, emoluments,Bad roads,Bad infrastructure etc just to mention but few. Let us pray for our Leader that God will prevail and boost our Economy once again. Lol


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