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Online degrees are not acceptable in Nigeria – NUC

According to reports, the National University Commission (NUC) has declared that online degrees remain unacceptable in Nigeria with exception of the e-Learning programme of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).


According to a statement by Ibrahim Usman Yakasai, Director of Information and Public Relations, NUC, besides NOUN, other institutions endorsed for e-Learning are University of Uyo, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, and University of Maiduguri.

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“Online degrees are not accepted at the moment in Nigeria”, the statement read.

“However, this does not include the approved Nigerian universities’ e-Learning programme run within the shores of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian universities e-Learning programme is a legitimate and well thought out pilot e-learning initiative. It is a Public Private Partnership between the National Universities Commission (NUC), Park Associates E-Learning Group and four federal universities.

“The commission wishes to use this medium to allay all fears and doubts concerning the legitimacy or NUC endorsement of the Nigerian universities’ e-Learning Programme.

“Students in the programme are urged to continue to pursue their studies without fear and prospective applicants are encouraged to enrol.”

6 Comments on Online degrees are not acceptable in Nigeria – NUC

  1. It’s only in Africa that we hear this kind of news. Are we better that the UK and US? Online education allows people to further their education while working. No big deal..


  2. But why not


  3. Gud m0ve… Fraud 2 much


  4. The NUC is a fraud. A bunch of backward, ignorant, unproductive, lethargic, ignoble people. These so called administrators have been hijacked by brain recession! People who cannot update the Nigerian University syllabi to compete with a small high school in Europe or America! What do they know? People who, when you return to this country with degrees in fields that they have not thought of researching (and in the deepest recesses of their heart, they envy your achievements) can only tell you that such fields do not exist. Ignoramus! They should go and bury their heads in the sands of shame or shape up and embrace progressive thinking. Most of the best universities in the world have embraced the delivery of their curriculum via online portals and you sit there, saying that those degrees are not accepted in Nigeria. The world has moved on long ago and we are still crawling on our belly (not even on our hands and legs).

    Dear NUC, a foetus becomes a baby and babies grow up to become toddlers and on and on. Humanity is never stagnant and a stagnant pool only causes sicknesses and diseases. You are the very problem of our educational system – since you don’t know what and how to grow people!


  5. They have received EGUNJE from the Park Associate, so they have to defend their pot of corruption
    They have failed. University of South Africa runs all its programme online, that was where Mandela got his law degree from. Shame on NUC


  6. This is a clear sign that the NUC is out of touch with modern educational trend
    Chief Awolowo did not pass through the four walls of any university
    He got his degree through foreign correspondence and we all know how exceptional he was in all he did during his lifetime
    Several of the degrees offered in Nigerian universities these days are either bought with cash,with bottom power or by share intimidation by cultists
    Many of the graduates may posses certificates but lack high quality knowledge
    One thing is to get the certificate the other is to be able to defend it satisfactorily
    Online courses in UK and US are well tested and are of very high standard
    One can never get the certificate by cutting any corners like many students do in Nigerian universities


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