Poor funding, strikes bane of Nigeria’s teaching hospitals – expert

According to reports, the President of National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN), Dr. Ademola Olaitan, has identified poor funding and frequent strike as the bane of the country’s teaching hospitals.


Olaitan made this known in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Saturday.

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He explained that strikes were some of the major challenges negating the goals of postgraduate medical and dental education in Nigeria.

Olaitan expressed regrets that the college, which trains specialists doctors for the country, retains needed manpower and prevents human capital flight, had not been given its rightful place in the affairs of the nation.

He said until the Federal Government reconsiders its investment in postgraduate medical education, full attainment of the college’s mandates and achieving high quality of patients care might continue to be threatened.

Highlighting the importance of the NPCMN in the country, Olaitain said this year alone, the college had saved government millions of dollars if the new fellows were trained outside Nigeria.

“Having certified a total number of 5,387 Fellows, the billions of dollars saved can only be imagined if this is put in monetary values,” he said.

Olaitan noted that 340 Fellows will be convoking in this year’s edition.



  1. When money and equipment are given, do those in position use them effectively, or look for personal aggrandizements such that contracts are awarded to themselves or cronies who will not do the job, or quote prices for Germany made Machines and go to China to purchase rubbish to consume the money and complain later? When persons within the system tries to ensure the proper work is done, get oppressed because the DG or Minister is interested in the contract and no one dare talk of the rubbish done by the contractors?
    These are common place in the Ministries and MDAs like the Post Graduate School of Medicine. When Governments invest, let all benefit, rather, people within the system sabotages the process. The complaints of Ministries and MDAs do not include the waste that takes place in managing resources allocated to them. Let all wake up and live up to expectations, then the Institutions shall build on improvements made, not retrogressing, even when the government invests, because of corruption, or it is this or that DG’s turn to get rich through contracts.

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