“I’ve Not Even Penetrated My Wife Yet, But She Is Already Four Months Pregnant” – Man Cries Out

A Kenyan man from Nakuru is currently at odds on what to do after he discovered his wife is four months pregnant.


The problem now is she is his new wife and he does not know to whom the pregnancy belongs.

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“We exchanged vows in a colourful wedding in Nairobi just days ago back but I highly suspect that my wife is already pregnant with another man’s baby. I suspect so because we recently visited out family doctor for routine check up and said she was four months pregnant and our marriage is not even 4 months old. We’ve not even had s*x yet” said Anthony as quoted in the Standard.

His Christian values ensured that he and his wife did not engage in s*xual activities before tying the knot, therefore cementing his belief that she cheated on him.

“I have since been heartbroken because I feel that I was cheated into marriage. I am seriously contemplating opting out even after sacrificing time during courtship and spending on a costly wedding,” added Anthony.

Despite caring for her, Anthony feels he cannot forgive her as there is no trust in their relationship.

“Can a marriage be nullified on the grounds that the brief was pregnant with another man’s baby without the knowledge of the groom at the time of the wedding?” lamented Anthony.

The Kenyan law allows for a couple to nullify their marriage if they have not consummated it.



  1. Anthony groom, follow your heart, think one of you is deceiving somebody here o, i pity you husband. This is a lesson for singles out there to go for series of test before tying the nuptial nut, what if spouse is HIV positive, sterile, STDs etc. Congrats that it is pregnancy

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