Nnamdi Kanu mustn’t celebrate Xmas in prison, says cleric

General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Ministries Inc, aka (By Fire By Fire), Nnewi, Anambra State, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh, has blamed the continued incarceration of the Director of Radio Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on lack of interest of the international community, especially Britain in assisting the Indigenous People of Biafra gain their independence. Bishop Udeh who spoke to Newsmen said that if the United Nations (UN) as a body, as well as America and Britain had shown interest in Kanu’s freedom, and had questioned the Nigerian government over his continued detention, he would have been released by now.


He said that the British government was only trying to protect her economic interests in Nigeria and had to play safe not to do anything that could sever her relationship with the Nigerian government, noting that it amounted to an abject neglect of human rights, since the international community had folded their hands with the excuse that Nigeria is a sovereign nation while Nnamdi Kanu, “a freedom fighter, continued to remain behind the bars for no just cause.”

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The Bishop said that the UN and United States of America, which is a known policeman of the world should rise to the occasion and mount pressure on the Nigerian government to release Nnamdi Kanu between now and December, 2016, adding that it would be a very painful thing to the people of South East and South South, if Kanu would be in prison to celebrate this year’s Christmas. He noted that Fulani herdsmen had been on rampage killing and maiming people here and there with reckless abandon and have gone scot-free.

” The Federal Government has not told us how those herdsmen acquired the AK47 and other arms and ammunition they use to attack innocent Nigerians. But only someone who talks about freedom of his people verbally, without weapons, would be thrown into jail and denied his freedom since October, 2015,” he said.



  1. Well the British amalgamated these different ethnic nations within this unworkable Nigeria for their own selfish economic interest in the first place
    The clamour by the Biafans for their own seperate nation is quite in order as events over the years have clearly shown that the Igbo doesn’t seem to ever would get justice the way Nigeria is structured at the moment
    However Nnamdi Kanu demonstred a high level politcal naivity by going on air to make a lot of unnecessary incendiary statements
    He claimed that boko haram was masterminded by Buhari,Babangida and Atiku
    He also declared death to all the people preventing the realisation of the Biafran dream
    Fair enough,but he couldn’t had committed the blunder of sneaking into Nigeria after uttering all those explosive comments,more so with illegal document
    Firebrand freedom fighters are usually known to stay safe in exile until situation on ground becomes safe enough for them to return home
    It’s was like Kanu giving himself up to his enemies on a platter
    Besides, he was unnecessarily too trusting of those close to him and they eventually betrayed him
    Or how was the DSS able to locate the exact hotel Kanu was lodging ?
    This could had only been possible with insider’s information
    Well, I wish him all the best

  2. Oga bishop, please face God’s work and leave politics alone. There are thousands of souls in your state that require salvation. Was kanu arrested for nothing? Abeggg face God’s work

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