Buhari responsible for recession, Fayose alleges

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose said yesterday that President Mohammadu Buhari is responsible for the country’s economic recession.


Fayose added that presidenet Buhari is the major problem of the country that Nigerians must solve.

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“Our president, through his actions and inactions is destroying everything that makes Nigeria a country and well-meaning Nigerians must stand-up to be counted in the crusade to save the country from going under.”

The governor alleged that president Buhari went to foreign countries to demarket Nigeria by calling all Nigerians thieves and dishonest people.

“Which foreign investor will put money in a country of dishonest people? Who made investors to leave Nigeria if not president Buhari?

“Who created (an) atmosphere of economic and political instability in the country by his acts of nepotism and vindictiveness?”

The governor lamented that “president Buhari has not only taken Nigeria to economic recession, he has also moved the country to economic depression and nepotism has prevented him from engaging even the best hands in his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).”

In a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti, yesterday, by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor said president Buhari should realise that “Nigerians will not measure his government on the basis of what his predecessors failed to do, but, on what he does or neglected to do between May 29, 2016 and May 29, 2019.”

He said with the level of hunger in the country, Buhari should rather get serious and be innovative with governance and stop his blame game.

“No nation has ever attained greatness by its leaders engaging in blame game, nepotism and vengeance as being done by President Buhari and his APC government,” Fayose noted.

The governor added that “Nigerians must begin to speak out now before the country is totally destroyed by this one-man government which does not welcome any idea coming from those perceived as opposed to his government.

“As I said earlier, the main issue confronting Nigerians now is hunger and it does not speak the language of politics.

“It is, therefore, no longer about politics; it is about preventing hunger from killing Nigerians.”

Fayose, who said the Federal Government should stop deceiving Nigerians with stories of injecting funds into the economy, added that the economic problems facing the country have gone beyond talks of injecting N350 billion into the economy through execution of capital projects.

“Even if they inject N500 billion into the economy by paying contractors for capital projects, how does that affect the price of rice and other food items?

“How does it affect the price of basic drugs?

“Instead of unsustainable measures, what president Buhari should do is to bring economic experts in the country together, not minding their political and ethnic affiliations, so they can proffer lasting solutions to the country’s economic problems.”



  1. I wonder what this Ado Ekiti idiot has done to improve the economy of Ekiti state,other than wandering about deceiving poor people by bying them (boli) roasted plantain and (guguru) popcorn as a smokescreen to deceive them and continue plundering the state’s money
    Fayose is so daft and brainless,he is out of touch with current affairs to know that the western world has been taking a much keener interest in the affairs of Nigeria since Buhari came on board, a direct fallout of Buhari’s high integrity,transparency and his dynamism in busting the high level public fund looting perpetrated by Fayose and his fellow PDP rogues
    Fasoye is really a big time lout

  2. Sunny campaign is over. If Fayose is telling us about the problem and the solution, we expect you to disagree or agree and state reasons you choose the alternatives. It is not everytime insults and abuse even when the suggestions coming from Fayose are reasonable. Thanks.

  3. Fayose has nothing to offer. What improvements has he made to the lives of the average Ekiti person. His elsewhile colleagues are leaving him daily to join other political parties, if he is that good, uplifting the life of the average Ekiti man, why then are they deserting him? He should direct all his energy towards making Ekiti better than he met the place, Nigerians will appreciate it if Ekiti people are happy by his efforts like increasing its IGR, instead of dissipating his energy on what is beyond his control!

  4. When Fayose and his PDP members together with their associates became billionaire in dollars and naira without producing at least a satchet of pure water and you think there will be no recession, you must be the greatest JOKER of the century.

  5. “Even if they inject N500 billion into the economy by paying contractors for capital projects, how does that affect the price of rice and other food items?”

    The above statement clearly shows that Fayose and people around him knows nothing about how the economy work.

  6. Why is it that some people always express views here only for the sake of proving that they also have a voice? Must you always counter somebody’s opinion just because you have extreme hatred for him? Fayose may be a donkey, but God is still in the business of using the mouth of a ‘donkey’ to communicate wisdom to ‘Saul’. Many of us are so ‘intelligent’, ‘learned’ and ‘up-to-date’ that they are always bursting out with loud and empty ideas. The Nigerian nation state is on a collision mission and all people do here is to attack the personalities of individuals with differing but pragmatic opinions that deserve some attention. When are ever going to learn in this country? Which is more important? That your problems are solved or your problems remain because you are blinded by extreme and unreasonable defences for a failing approach to government?

  7. Fayose is talking about hunger in the land can fayose show Nigerians where he’s rice producing farm is located,
    Let us be sincere to our self we are all responsible for the problems that befall our great nation today, because
    Truth is lost in this country.

  8. May God keep This ‘Prophet’ Fayose alive and wise. The truth he says is very bitter for some people and that is why they him with passion. Buhari is a mistake and a punishment for our Nation.

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